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    TSR Elf Stranded on the Warden: A Short Gary Gygax Story

    This incident is very briefly referenced in the 1E DMG, really cool to find out what actually happened!
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    TSR Elf Stranded on the Warden: A Short Gary Gygax Story

    This incident is very briefly referenced in the 1E DMG, really cool to find out what actually happened!
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    Sea Serpents!

    I was surprised by the lack of a classic sea serpent in Ghosts of Saltmarsh... Sea Serpent Gargantuan monstrosity, unaligned Armor Class 17 (natural armor) Hit Points 217 (14d20+70) Speed 0 ft, swim 40 ft STR 23 (+6) DEX 10 (+0) CON 21 (+5) INT 2 (-4) WIS 16 (+3) CHA 6 (-2) Skills Perception...
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    5E What proportion of the population are adventurers?

    In my world... Worldwide, as an average among all the PC-type-beings (humans, elves, dwarves, dragonborn, etc etc.) a very small percentage - probably on the order of 1 in 5,000. (There are, however, more people with PC-class-equivalent abilities, though they're still rare; there are wizards...
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    Invisibility magic items seem overvalued

    Why is a potion of invisibility "very rare" and a ring of invisibility "legendary"? Invisibility is only a 2nd level spell. Other potions that mimic low-level spells are much more common. Also, given that invisibility is such a low-level spell, people will know that it exists in the world, and...
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    Tomb of Horrors Question (Both "Yawning Portal" and Original)

    So I ran the Tales from the Yawning Portal 5E version of 'Tomb of Horrors' a while back, and I noticed something... the adventure specifically provides for using astral/ethereal travel to bypass doors/traps/etc, listing random demon encounters that can occur if traveling astrally/ethereally...
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    Where do the 'Mordenkainen's Tome' Elder Evils come from?

    Page 237 of Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes (Star Spawn entry) has a long list of Elder Evils. Dendar the Night Serpent and Kezef the Chaos Hound are from FR, I believe. Tharizdun the Elder Elemental Eye is Greyhawk. I think the Queen of Chaos is from "The Rod of Seven Parts". From 3E Elder Evils...
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    5E What does the titan subtype mean?

    It seems to apply to creatures created by the gods... but in the default 5E cosmology, weren't most of the mortal races created by the gods (orcs by Gruumsh etc.)? Does it mean those creatures are ageless and don't reproduce, so the krakens or empyreals you meet are the very first ones ever?
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    1E AD&D 1E Players Handbook In PDF

    I hope they really do release everything eventually. I'd really like some of the obscure stuff like the BECMI Immortals stuff (I have the hard-copy, but not the IM1-IM3 modules or Wrath of the Immortals)...
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    5E musings

    I think that 5E should go straight into Immortality after 20th level with no intervening "epic". The "Tiers of Play" section of chapter 1 of the Player's Handbook says that characters at levels 1-4 deal with threats to "local farmsteads and villages", 5-10 deal with threats to "cities and...
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    Current status?

    Are there any updates on Vampire Bestiary 2 Temple of Death?
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    Immortal's Handbook for Pathfinder?

    With Mythic Adventures out, I think one is now quite feasible. We have character levels and mythic tiers ... you could add a system of divine ranks that level 20/tier 10 characters could obtain. Levels are in classes, tiers are in paths. I would suggest ranks be in portfolios. Since most...
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    PF1E Metamartial Maneuvers and Pathfinder

    It occurs to me that these Pathfinder feats (from the Advanced Player's Guide) are very similar to U_K's Metamartial Maneuvers from Ascension ("reduce attack bonus to add special effect"). Bloody Assault (1d4 bleeding damage) Dazing Assault (daze 1 round) Stunning Assault (stun 1 round)...
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    On the Nosferatu post on your website you ask for Feat/Divine Ability suggestions ... I'd suggest - Nosferatu gain the following divine abilities, even if they do not meet the prerequisites - Greater Diseased [Effect] (choose one type) Profane Mind Profane Spirit Shadow Self EDIT: for...
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    Epic+ Fey (musings)

    What possibilities are there for epic/immortal Fey, other than the obvious Fairy Queens/Kings (who wouldn't be numerous, and probably wouldn't go very high anyway: I don't think it would make sense to have e.g. Titania be a match for Orcus or Tiamat.) Maybe planetary Fey that embody the...