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    Free Fantasy Architecture Part 3 (6/20/08)

    Here's those same three images before I softened them with blurring and noise. Of course, with these smaller images it's hard to see much of a difference.
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    Free Fantasy Architecture Part 3 (6/20/08)

    It seems like my creativity takes about two or three years to recover from burnout. I've started doing 3D stuff again. Now I'm using Sketchup for the modeling instead of AutoCAD, but I'm still using Piranesi for the rendering. Here's an evolution of a creepy lighthouse I made for...
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    What were medieval times journalist-types called?

    Raymond Feist's Daughter/Servant/Mistress of the Empire series had rumormongers in big cities. Mara's spymaster would (when he couldn't get information from his actual spies) seek one out to purchase information. The impression I got was that they were people who collected information and sold...
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    Challenging my high-lvl group (NPCs and monsters; my players shouldn't read this!)

    Topknot/Dreadlock length (a la Swift's "which end of the egg" schism).
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    Chicago Gameday XV: Thanks for the memories

    Please sign me up for the morning miniature painting session.
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    The Ambergate Chronicles - Galahorn or the Curious Adventure of the Glass Coffin

    Great story hour. For some visuals check out some pictures I did for KidC here . The first set is pictures of the wizard's college. Further on in the thread are pictures of a tower that doesn't come in to the campaign until later. Wizards College Creepy Tower of Overwhelming Nasty Evil
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    Chicago Gameday XI a success! Share your war stories.

    Please sign me up for the 1st slot miniature painting session. Thanks.
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    Free Fantasy Architecture II (New Stuff 5/3/2005)

    3DS Max is incredibly complicated/complex. Very steep learning curve. Both 3DS and Piranesi can add fog effects, which I haven't really used yet.I have done some stuff with fire effects, and I know you can do volume lighting, where the light looks more solid, like a beam of light (or a...
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    Free Fantasy Architecture II (New Stuff 5/3/2005)

    And finally, these are the renderings from 3D Studio Max that I brought into Piranesi. These have the complex lighting. However, I did add more torchlight later in Piranesi because I wanted the room to look a little warmer and...uh...torchier.