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    5E WotC's Jeremy Crawford on D&D Races Going Forward

    The word race seems to be a misnomer from a time when racialized people, nationality, ethnicity, religion, where all conflated together. Species might be more accurate, but opens up another cane of worms.
  2. Kramodlog

    5E Mythic Odysseys of Theros Now Has a Description (& Pre-orders) [UPDATED]

    I miss the smorasbord that was the Legend and Lore book. Greek, Egyptian, Norse lore, but also tge Round Table and Lankhmar...
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    5E Mythic Odysseys of Theros Now Has a Description (& Pre-orders) [UPDATED]

    Yeah, no. MtG is way more popular than D&D or a streamed show. It is way more profitable for WotC than Wildemount will ever been because it has the larger fan base.
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    5E Mythic Odysseys of Theros Now Has a Description (& Pre-orders) [UPDATED]

    The black border reminds me of late 2e products (some call it 2.5). I understood why Ravnica was chosen over Dominaria, but Theros? Its NPCs and artifacts aren't the most iconic. If I'm a MtG fan qui wants to see MtG inspired D&D products, I'm not looking for Greek mythology flavored D&D.
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    General The D&D Series Has Arrived

    D&D is so well known that it influenced Warcraft. Than Warcraft became so popular that it influenced D&D and we got 4e. At some point it is all self-referential.
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    3E/3.5 D&D 3E Design: The Unbalanced Cleric

    But being masters of everything is only useful when the party doesn't have everything. No rogue? The cleric or wizards have spells for that. Have a rogue? If the cleric or wizards waste spells on rogue abilities it is bad management of resources.
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    Paizo Logan Bonner Named Pathfinder Lead Designer

    Snikrs. Bonner. Snikers.
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    5E Epic Monsters: Peter Pan

    Children who do not age are vampires.
  9. Kramodlog

    5E Here Are The Cards In Laeral Silverhand Explorer's Kit

    Kinda weird this isn't released with a FR centric AP or supplement, but is released with a Critical Role supplement. Especially since they share the explorer theme.
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    Critical Role Here's The Cover Of The Explorer's Guide to Wildemount; Plus It's #15 In Amazon Bestsellers!

    I'm fascinated how we went from FR books only to Ravnica, Eberron, AI and this. Yet I do not feel engaged to buy them. The content of the Ravnica book was lacking and no one is talking about it anymore.
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    Want A Paid Job As A Professional GM?

    What ever happened to DnD competitive e-sport announced by WotC?
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    What are you Reading? Debonnaire December 2019 edition

    Doing a re-read of 1984 by Orwell. First thing that comes to mind is that today Winston wouldn't have a job. Algorithms would do it for him. Also, the parallels with the current surveillance capitalism and a surveillance state isn't the same. Except Maybe in China.
  13. Kramodlog

    What are you Reading? Noctilucent November 2019 edition

    I'm reading the Umbrella Academy graphie novel. It is quit enjoyable. Better than tge TV series. Does anyone know if the other two graphie novels are as good? Thank you.
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    It’s Nov. 28...

    I thought you had a lottery for that?
  15. Kramodlog

    It’s Nov. 28...

    This ritual sacrifice of a bird, is it done to gain the favor of a magical entity or to appease it?