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    Canadian High School Offers TTRPG Class

    Yeah, in terms of game mastering, that's a valuable lesson in and of itself. I'm surprised the teacher didn't split them up into 3 groups. That said, if none of the students had ever played or more importantly DM'd, that could be tricky.
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    Canadian High School Offers TTRPG Class

    My kids went to Burnaby South, but they're a ways out of high school with my youngest nearing University graduation. My son in particular would have loved this course and no doubt would have begged to be in it were it available. I appreciate the 1st nations content too. D&D hadn't gotten the...
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    Canadian High School Offers TTRPG Class

    My kids went to school in a city just west of PoCo. This is interesting and welcomed news. I was at high school and college in the same greater metropolitan area in the early days of D&D and there was more discouragement than encouragement to play - a dubious expenditure of time my best friends...
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    State of the Mongoose 2022

    Thanks for posting the link. I'm aware of 401 Games and agree there prices and shipping rates are good. My challenge with them has been that the books I wanted were out of stock. I only discovered them in the early days of the pandemic though, so it's possible I've just been experiencing more...
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    Gift Ideas for Crafty Gamers

    Just my 2 cents...but a quality base mounted magnifying glass is a gift of gold to any miniatures painter nearing, or in, their senior years.
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    State of the Mongoose 2022

    You're probably already aware of this, but Paizo Inc. allows you to sync your Fantasy Grounds account with your account. Because of that, any Fantasy Ground DLC you buy for a Paizo product, you get the equivalent PDF for free. Based on what I've been told by the leads in the local...
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    What can WotC do in OneD&D to make the DM's Guide worth buying?

    If WotC's plan is to design it similar to the 5e DMG, then I'd prefer if essential things like magic items would also be available in a smaller/lower cost companion. IMO too much of what was in the DMG was novice and introductory and I have other publications that are reasonably system agnostic...
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    State of the Mongoose 2022

    I'm on the wet/west coast of Canada. To put it into perspective, I bought the Traveller 2e PDFs for the Core Rule Book, High Guard, Vehicle Handbook, Central Supply Catalog and Companion and those cost me over $200 CAD. I mostly buy from one online USA retailer which is competitively priced, has...
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    D&D 5e. Do others play this way?

    I've been playing and DMing 5e since its debut in the Fall of 2014 and many sessions were for my kids and their friends. That said, for the past year I've been taking a leave from 5e, playing and GMing mostly Savage Worlds, CoC and Travallers. Other than Eberron, Dark Sun and World of Greyhawk...
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    State of the Mongoose 2022

    I guess I'll have to be the reader that posts a less than positive comment. I hoped that as I read the Business Stuff section there would've been some mention of the pricing of PDF publications. Mongoose products in PDF format have from the perspective of my wallet, become so pricey that I feel...
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    Best solo RPGs?

    I enjoyed The Dark Eye adventure Vampire of Havena and like those rules as a platform for solo gameplay. The Vampire of Havena is specifically tailored as a solo adventure and doesn't require knowledge of the TDE Core Rules or the Aventuria Almanac; the latter being an excellent gazeteer...
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    Just finished The Wheel of Time books, where is my new RPG?

    I was able to buy a WoT hardcover at a local CON for $10 a few years ago - was unused and pretty much a throw away by the previous owner. I do think it's better that a lot of the 3e Fantasy adaptations that came out in the D20 era. While I don't have any local players that would join such a...
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    Two Combat Systems, One Game

    I have, but the other rules were mostly external to the core rule book. A number of my groups of players are tabletop miniature fans too, so they generally prefer combat be played out on the tabletop instead of ToM. That drove a lot of my decision as to how to run combat encounters. When I ran...
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    What to run when you are done with D&D?

    13th Age: For me it's really like an improved and cleaner D&D 4e, yet it still supports the rules game play you'd find in a D&D game. If I have a group of players that want something different, more narrative and got some enjoyment playing 4e, it's my go to. Adventure Gaming Engine (Dragon Age...
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    Friday Musing: What If It Wasn't War Games

    I was into boardgames for most of the 70s, mostly due to my older brother being in a club who's members would get any title reputed to be worth playing - partially aided by a high school's budget. Other than the mainstream boardgames published by Mattel, Milton Bradley, Parker Bros, etc., the...