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    5E New Errata Released For D&D PHB, OotA, Xanathar, and ToF

    ...and boom goes the dynamite.
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    EN World Wait, what's this?

    Hello darkness, my old friend.
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    TSR At TSR: Walking Around The Building

    Walking and talking is incredibly therapeutic. Great stories as usual. Thank you.
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    Surprising the GM, or, Random Content in Dungeons

    Shameless plug: Random Dungeon Encounters
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    Very experienced groups?

    Our group (7) has been playing together since the early 90’s but most have been playing since the 70’s. Approx 280 years. We still have TPKs.
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    Character or monster builds for important NPCs?

    Both. If it's an NPC that may side with the party, then I tend to use PC builds. This allows one of the players to run it as another PC to take it off my hands, as well as someone they can play in case of the untimely death of their main PC. Enemy NPC's are almost always monster builds. More...
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    High Level Adventure Recommendations

    We were running DotMM through Roll 20 and it was a blast. Good variety in encounters, role play and puzzles.
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    What tone do you prefer for D&D?

    Beat me too it. Murderhobo style FTW.
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    What is your flavor of AD&D?

    DCC. Different, deadly, flavorful.
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    5E An Argument for Why Paladins are the Strongest Class in 5E D&D

    Maybe. But as Minigiant said, the 10' radius is pretty strong in a dungeon crawl environment, which my gaming group does a lot of. Also, what are the typical tactics for attacking clusters of PC's? IME, AOE spells/abilities: the very thing that most often allows saving throw for half damage...
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    5E An Argument for Why Paladins are the Strongest Class in 5E D&D

    Aura, Aura, Aura! Me hates itsss! Seriously. I can put up with nova smites all day long. But the massive boost aura gives to saves seriously reduces the challenge of many encounters to a cake walk.
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    Baldur's Gate 3 AMA

    Maybe you are hearing the narrative from the standpoint of an extraplaner being in one of the outer planes: "Did I ever tell you the story of how I died?"
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    5E Goodman Games is Reincarnating Castle Amber

    Awesome. Castle Amber was in my top three, alongside Dwellers of the Forbidden City and Palace of the Silver Princess.
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    Poll: What TSR RPG Should Be Revivified by Wizards?

    My votes: 1. Empire of the Petal Throne - Love the incredibly rich lore, culture, mystique. 2. Star Frontiers - I want to play a flying wookie again. 'Nuff said. 3. Top Secret - With an improved game engine and assuming they set it in the 1980's cold war era (where it belongs!), this would be...
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    5E Have you actually read the 5e DMG?

    I mostly spent time using the tables to create random dungeons and feeling a bit cheated in that there is no random encounter table for city streets. Then I pull out my 1e DMG and feel much better.