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    D&D General AD&D PHB, DMG, and MM tribute covers for Castle and Crusades books

    I cannot believe that I never noticed that there is a giant spider in the tree on the AD&D Monster Manual. I must have looked at that cover hundreds of times and only noticed the spider today.
  2. LoganRan

    OSR A Historical Look at the OSR

    Never played either system. I do know that Traveler's character creation system is...unique. As in, "Hey, I just died in character creation" unique. ;) Runequest is the one that anthropomorphic ducks as a player race, correct? Hard pass.
  3. LoganRan

    OSR A Historical Look at the OSR

    Yes, you are correct about the distinction between character creation vs. character advancement in Champions/HERO system. I was just lazy and didn't bother to make the distinction myself but the game still fails my Old School = simple character creation (or character advancement) test. As I...
  4. LoganRan

    OSR A Historical Look at the OSR

    I was going to upvote this comment and then, sadly, I remembered that EGG was responsible for most of the junk in Unearthed Arcana which, as I stated in an earlier post, was the death knell for 'Old School' gaming. I just died a little inside. ;)
  5. LoganRan

    OSR A Historical Look at the OSR

    It's funny but I was thinking about whether or not Champions (aka the HERO system) would qualify as 'Old School' while reading the OP. I LOVE Champions but in all honesty I'm not sure it would meet my criteria of 'Old School' as it violates what I consider to be a central tenant of Old School...
  6. LoganRan

    OSR A Historical Look at the OSR

    I agree with this sentiment 100%. I'm sure Tracy Hickman is a wonderful fellow but, for my money, he did more to "ruin" the game of D&D for me than any other individual. He started the beginning of the end and the Unearthed Arcana rules supplement put the final nail in the coffin on the...
  7. LoganRan

    D&D 5E Advantage, Criticals, and Fumbles

    I don't play 5E any longer but I liked the simplicity of Advantage/Disadvantage. The K.I.S.S. principle is a personal mantra for me and Ad/Dis aligns well with that philosophy. I hate both Crits and Fumbles. I agree that if you are going to use Crits you should use Fumbles as well but I...
  8. LoganRan

    Sell Me on OSE

    Remind me...why did you stop using the OSE ruleset in favor of Worlds Without Number?
  9. LoganRan

    D&D 1E Inquiry: How do fans of AD&D (aka 1E) feel about the Unearthed Arcana supplement?

    I'm not sure that actually opening the book was a prerequisite for it falling apart. I'm pretty sure my copy disintegrated just after a few side eye glances. Given how much I disliked most of the material actually presented in said book...maybe that was for the best. :D
  10. LoganRan

    D&D 5E Different Methods for Rolling Ability Scores (8-15 range)

    Roll 2d4 + 7. Which would result in a range of 9-15 so do the following... In the event a player rolls two ones on the two d4s (normally generating a value of '2'), roll a d20, if the result of the d20 is 1-10, the roll is set to '1', if the result of the d20 is 11-20 the roll is set to '2'...
  11. LoganRan

    Which Edition for a Megadungeon Campaign? Why?

    I never actually fully answered the OP but for my money, Original D&D is the most appropriate system for old school megadungeons (even though I never played ODD) and as Swords & Wizardry is just the modern, cleaned up version of ODD, it would probably be my personal selection.
  12. LoganRan

    Which Edition for a Megadungeon Campaign? Why?

    Interestingly, I believe megadungeons actually are the campaign best suited for MORE lethal systems like ODD, B/X and AD&D. There isn't (or at least shouldn't be IMO) a "story" for a megadungeon so it is perfectly acceptable for a group to roll up an entirely new party because there is no long...
  13. LoganRan

    What are your unpopular geek opinions?

    I just finished watching the original Star Wars trilogy and realized that I have a few opinions about the Star Wars "saga" that probably don't "fit the mold" in relation to most Star Wars fans. So naturally, I wanted to air those opinions for your amusement/ridicule/internet slap fighting! ;)...
  14. LoganRan

    D&D Older Editions

    This. I was really pleased to see this new sub-forum so that I can more easily find the thread topics of greater interest to me as someone who prefers the older editions (B/X and 1E) of the game. NOTE: One thing that I did notice is that this forum cannot be directly reached via the "forum...
  15. LoganRan

    D&D 5E A Slower Caster Spell Progression and other Suggestions

    I should point out that all of the changes I would like to see to magic in game would go hand in hand with a refocusing of the game on exploration and other non-combat activities. In TSR-era D&D combat was generally to be eschewed as it was so deadly and unpredictable. WotC has made combat...