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    Powered by Apocalypse

    A few more of my favorite : Fellowship is a game about a little band of heroes going on a quest to defeat the evil Overlord, just like in those books with the rings. Shared world-building is expected; if you're playing the Elf, for instance, you're the one who decides what elves are like and...
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    TSR Example from the worst TSR adventure module(s) ever published

    See, that just proves how well the scrolls work. I can also, if you like, sell you this rock that keeps tigers away.
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    4E 4E Fans Would You Play This?

    Hard pass. I don't particularly like D&D-variant games that boil classes down until barely anything is left.
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    13th Age [5E, 4E] Looking for a 5E/PF/13th Age adventure path to convert to 4E

    I actually logged in to recommend Eyes of the Stone Thief too. It's super flexible, and it's meant to be interspersed with other adventures, so it's easy to adjust to your group on the fly as necessary. It is heavy on the dungeon-crawly aspects, but it's not totally hack and slash -- there are...
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    Two Cauldron-Born questions/comments

    I'm about a third of the way through Cauldron-Born with my group, and two questions have come up. First, what happens to Luc Jierre if the party captures him alive at the end of Always On Time? My assumption was that he'd be questioned a while and then quietly deported to Danor minus his...
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    4E The "4E Crowd" - where will they go? What will they play?

    Yes. I don't think the AEDU structure is as important as what it enables -- the transparency and balance between classes, and the ability of all players to do cool stuff without having to jawbone the DM to allow it. If 5E didn't use AEDU but still enabled that kind of play, I would be cool with...