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    Game Distributors Closing Down; RPG Publishers Affected

    The thing is most smaller publishers already do digital - for the smallest I'd say it's their main channel. Everyone from Paizo to Green Ronin to Modiphius to most of the RPG names you can think of already have a significant digital product line. WOTC is really the only one that doesn't do PDFs...
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    Old-School Essentials and Basic D&D Campaign Building

    If you want the old Basic & Expert experience you could just get the originals from DTRPG instead, along with those old B/X adventures.
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    Eberron Is Here Today!

    Well sure, I mean, why let the dice rule the direction of anything? Your "planned story" will play out much smoother without any dice at all...
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    PF2E Playtest Four New Pathfinder 2E Classes

    It's ... the next edition of the game ... is there something specific from that 3E-4E relationship that you're curious about?
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    Getting A Realms Campaign Up And Running

    I started playing in 1980 - it's not particularly an old school thing. I think it cheapens the impact of players choices, but if you're playing a character the DM made up from the start - as described in the article - then I suppose taking over another DM-made character mid-dungeon is not a...
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    Getting A Realms Campaign Up And Running

    I am a fan of the Realms and have been for a long long time but ... "I provided statted-up characters, with backgrounds, who were all younglings seeking their fortunes and leaving their home community--the SAME home community--for the first time." -This is how you start a convention game, not...
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    TSR Jim Ward: SSI, Dungeons & Dragons and the Computer Industry

    I thought the same thing at first but there were things like CompuServe and The Source that were net-ish at thew time. You could send email, etc. - but a lot of times it was limited to people on the same network. Lot of time spent on BBSs back then.
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    TSR Cutting Writers Rates (In 1994!)

    It's a problem if you aspire to make a decent living writing RPG material, certainly. But a TV doesn't come with the means to make your own shows. Nor does a disc or streaming service, nor do most video games. You never hear someone say "I would never watch a published TV show" - but it's a...
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    Paizo Roundup: Huskworld, Haunted City, Lost Omens

    I'm sure he took the appropriate feat.
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    When TSR Passed On Tolkien

    The idea that a LOTR RPG from TSR wouldn't have sold well in the 90's because MERP didn't sell as many copies as D&D is ridiculous. Nothing ever has until the misstep with 4E and the ascension of Pathfinder. There have always been other fantasy RPG's that sold well alongside D&D. Making it...
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    RPG Crowdfunding News – Tenebria, Adrenaline, Eryphir, and more

    That pitch for Tenbria reads a lot like the one for Twilight 2000 - nice concept!
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    Shadowrun Sixth World Core Rulebook Review

    That's how some people run entire campaigns of many RPG's, not just Shadowrun. Not every campaign has to have an overarching plot. Sometimes it's just about living/surviving in a fantasy world whether that's Greyhawk, the Realms, the Third Imperium, the Old Republic, or 2050+ Fantasy Cyberpunk...
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    News Digest for the Week of August 15

    That WOTC issue is interesting. Plagiarism has shown up a few times over the years in RPG products but it's been awhile since it's come up as far as I remember. Hopefully Ms. Jaquays can resolve it to her satisfaction.
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    TSR The Making and Breaking of Deities & Demigods

    Well, you're about 40 years too late so ... good luck with that. "Broad strokes" and all seems to work in comics and movies and that's right about the level where RPG's tie in. Hey they didn't have to come from a junk shop - you could get those at K-Mart, which is where I got mine well before...