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    Modiphius' Conan TTRPG Is Ending

    There was a GURPS sourcebook too that worked pretty well for this too.
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    RPG Crowdfunding News – Monty Python, Paranoia, M&M and More

    At least two of M&M's more recent releases - the Time Traveler's Codex and the Super Team Handbook were not compilation collections. They've been doing that for a long time though going back to the Gadget Guide years ago. I think the biggest problem with this Kickstarter specifically though is...
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    Pathfinder: Book of the Dead Review

    Some additional details are really needed for this to be a useful review. Which options are lineage? Which are classes? Are some of them modifications to existing classes? Are there some feats that stand out? How do these player options compare to or add to what's in the core book? How about the...
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    Marvel to Launch Official 'MARVEL MULTIVERSE' Tabletop Role-Playing Game in 2022

    The latest release date on our Amazon pre-orders is the19th so some people may have a copy next week. Screen refreshes and I see Enevhar already mentioned it above - ah well!
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    D&D General Why is D&D 4E a "tactical" game?

    A few points to add to the excellent points made above: 1) The forced movement aspect cannot be overstated - push, pull, slide ... all made terrain and positioning significant. Push that enemy into the lave pit or over the cliff edge, pull this enemy that's vulnerable to fire into the zone the...
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    Fizban's Treasury of Dragons: An In-Depth Review

    Bronze dragons are a big deal in the Dragonriders of Pern books which would have been floating around the popular zeitgeist when the game was being written. Might've been a factor there.
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    Edge Announced It Will Be Making Star Wars RPGs....

    I think a 5E Star Wars adaptation is unlikely as it would have to go back to Lucasfilm for approval alongside whatever new activity they undertake for the existing line. Plus if the prior d20 Star Wars line wasn't profitable enough at WOTCs scale, I'm not sure a new one, even with the...
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    Paizo Paizo Workers Unionize

    <snip> You seem to be following a fallacy that equates tabletop RPG design to technological development which is just not how it works. Tabletop RPG design is mostly driven by personal tastes, not some universally recognized progression towards "modern" or even "simpler" design. Not everyone...
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    RPG Print News – Cubicle 7, Necrotic Gnome, and More

    Pretty sure Ptolus touts itself as a conversion or update of the prior edition - I don't think you or anyone else had to do anything to find that out. I mean do all of those games release something new every week? Do you not see a difference between say, an adventure conversion with stat...
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    RPG Print News – Cubicle 7, Necrotic Gnome, and More

    "You are being disingenuous." " are skewing the conversation here" "...if with a real slant." You make an awful lot of assumptions about motivation here. How is my post "disingenuous"? I've been on here a long time - I'm not trolling you. I saw a response to something that seemed way off...
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    RPG Print News – Cubicle 7, Necrotic Gnome, and More

    Someone raises a point about one of the items in your column this week and we get: It's not my full-time job I don't work for these companies How would I know OK - but you are writing this column. Would you agree that there is a difference between something "new" and something that is a...
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    Download 13th Age's New Quickstart!

    I like 13th Age but how helpful is a quickstart with no introductory scenario? Even if you could just add in something from a freeRPG day with pregens it seems like it would up the utility quite a bit.
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    D&D 5E Why Don't We Simplify 5e?

    I am amazed when I see regular discussion that 5th edition D&D is too complicated. I'm not saying anyone is wrong - it just blows my mind that the simplest version of D&D since 2E, at least, is still viewed as "complex". It's a good example of just how much of a difference different experiences...
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    Has any one played Icons?

    Yes, it's been around about ten years now and is written by the guy who wrote Mutants and Masterminds so it is very solid. It's looser than M&M but it is a lot of fun. My take on it over the last ten years:
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    Trinity Continuum Reboots Aberrant For The Better

    Lol - Did you read the article? "Aberrant set itself up as an engine to tell superhero stories different from contemporaries like Champions or Mutants & Masterminds."