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    Question about Warlock power (Dire Radiance)

    Hi, i have a a little question about dire radiance, the text says: "If the target moves nearer to you on it´s next turn, it takes an extra 1d6+con modifier damage." But what happen if nobody moves, or the warlock moves near his target again, the enemy takes 1d6+con dmg too? Thx a lot!
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    Help with human/warlock

    hello, i have a doubt. Can a human warlock have a power from another pact?? Human race give you 1 extra at will power of your class but there is not much roleplaying if i have a power of star pact and my character have demon pact thx a lot
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    Please help, i have a lot of doubts with 4th edition :_(

    Hi, can someone explain me how a masterwork weapon or armor works now? i have read something about but i cant understand nothing, can i craft a masterwork chainmail?, if i do, it gives +1 ac or something similar? Another doubt i have, on Keep on the Shadowfell module, on the first encounter vs...