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    Critical Role Watch Critical Role's Matt Mercer Play D&D With TV's Stephen Colbert!

    That was pretty awesome! Except for poor Pete.
  2. lotuseater

    Looking for Group for D&D 5e in Portland, Or

    Hey there, I'm relatively new to the Portland area and am looking for a game to join. I'd prefer 5e, but open to other versions as well. I tend to prioritize creative role playing and storytelling over number crunching, but I'm also pretty adaptable. Hoping to play with like minded people that...
  3. lotuseater

    web 2.0 in your rpg games

    hey, as i'm living in china, and have been relegated to playing online, and being even further inhibited because i use a mac, i am very interested in how people use new web 2.0 technologies in their games. first off, if there are already threads on this topic that i'm unaware of, please point...
  4. lotuseater

    the worst party ever

    let's imagine your dm wants to keep your characters' identities secret from each other. he asks each player to come up with his character in secret. he says not to worry about similar characters. he'll make sure to adapt the encounters to the party. now, let's say, by random chance, every...
  5. lotuseater

    D&D 4E 4E Class Survivor - Round 6

    how does the warlock keep surviving???
  6. lotuseater

    How many of you have made your own RPG?

    i remember when i was a kid and really into ad&d, me and my buddies would always be making not only our own campaigns, but entire gaming systems. off the top of my head, i can remember at least 5 different games we started making at one time or another. and as i recall, i don't think of them...
  7. lotuseater

    Recruiting for The Five Kingdoms--3.5 Homebrew PBeM

    The Land of Ahsan is a land of constant war, as each civilization seeks to gain dominion over all the others. Although legends speak of different kingdoms and long dead monarchies, no one can remember a time before the wars, not even the dragons themselves. The Land of Ahsan is divided into...
  8. lotuseater

    rogue: the obsolete class?

    i finally got my hands on complete adventurer. i really like it. especially all the emphasis on skills and new equipment. so, i feel like now that the complete series is done, that with all the new classes, it's made the traditional rogue obsolete. or, rather, whenever i think of playing a...
  9. lotuseater

    the village rocks

    so i watched the village last week. i really enjoyed it, even though i know it got such terrible reviews and didn't do well at the box office. in fact, the more i think about it, the more i enjoyed it. better than signs and unbreakable, in my opinion. but i expect it's not to everyone's...
  10. lotuseater

    looking for npc template

    i'm looking for a good, simple npc template in excel that let's you quickly put in all the information you need to have at hand for your npc's. doesn't have to do any calculating, though if there's one that can, that's cool to. i just want to be able to keep track of all my npc's in a digital...
  11. lotuseater

    obscuring mist

    a stupid question, i'm sure, but it's been bugging me for a while. does obscuring mist obscure the sight for the caster as well as everyone else, or is he/she immune? thanks
  12. lotuseater

    PBeM advice

    hey, so i'm thinking of starting a play by email campaign, and i was hoping to hear what advice people have to offer. what works, what doesn't, what i should be thinking about to make it a good experience? i'm looking for general advice, about how to keep the campaign focused and moving...
  13. lotuseater

    a monk's chain

    i have been thinking about a new kind of spiked chain, that would work as a special monk's weapon, compatablie with flurry of blows. i'd appreciate knowing what people thought. or if they've come across something similar someplace. this weapon is lighter, 4lbs instead of 10, and uses smaller...