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    Sale: Adventurer Card Game + Expansions

    FYI, I saw over on the Troll boards and the Adventurer boards that there is a sale on the Adventurer games. They also seem to be selling a special Gencon edition of both expansions, but only for a few more days. here is what was posted: Just thought I'd share. Rhuvien is right, the big...
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    Anybody else see this? Becoming an Adventurer Game Hero?

    I really like the game and just saw this in the other forum. It makes me kinda excited. http://www.enworld.org/forum/showthread.php?t=234327 Is anybody else going to bid? How much competition do I have? -Magicelf
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    TSR Q&A with Gary Gygax

    Mr. Gygax, I have been playing a lot of the Adventurer Card Game. I was just wondering how you got involved with making a card for the game and what inspired you to make the Shade the Trickster card and choose the abilities he has. Thanks, Magicelf
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    New Adventurer Card Game cards by Gygax and others, which to buy?

    I just saw the post in the press release forum about Gygax, Jim Ward and some designer named Chris Clark making new cards for Adventurer. The cards all look cool and I will probably get them, I know who Gary Gygax and Jim Ward are, but before reading the bio i hadnt heard of Chris Clark...