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    I need a D&D counseling session! Help! (Re: Update ("Argument-Stopping Protocols" -- please advise!))

    And if you need 500 pages of rules from manuals at your table to play your chosen RPG you need a new RPG. I don't think there's anything wrong with a solid list of table rules. EVERY time you read another post about how this or that game fell apart because someone did one of those things that...
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    I need a D&D counseling session! Help! (Re: Update ("Argument-Stopping Protocols" -- please advise!))

    And of course it includes notes at the outset that it isn't expected that everyone agree with everything as written therein. It's a starting point for people to work out their own issues, create their own "manifesto" that includes the things that they think need to be mentioned. Well the...
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    I need a D&D counseling session! Help! (Re: Update ("Argument-Stopping Protocols" -- please advise!))

    A "similar" document that I wrote for comparison: The DM is indeed in charge but the way the OP is phrasing it makes it sound like the players are there only to serve the DM's entertainment, rather than it actually being far...
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    A paladin just joined the group. I'm a necromancer.

    I assume this is a classical LG paladin and not one of the new "paladins that aren't what paladins were ever supposed to be" that I hate with the flame of 1000 suns, because as others have pointed out that would easily invalidate the expressed concerns. I also assume that this has not already...
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    5E "Labels" and D&D Gaming

    "RAW" as a constant reference to being some authoriteh to which DM's must bow is something I object to. It suggests that some game publisher umpteen years ago knew better than you what you and your friends wanted and needed for your ongoing game right now, and that all possible circumstances...
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    Pandemic: How will you continue to enjoy your hobbies?

    I will do what I've always done in between active games - prepare for the next game and talk about past games.
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    How has the Coronavirus affected your roleplaying games?

    It hasn't. What has affected my roleplaying games is having moved halfway across the country.
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    OSR What is your flavor of AD&D?

    1E and house rules. A LOT of house rules, even after multiple serious attempts to reduce the amount. 1E AD&D is great... for what it is. You don't jump in a Model A and head onto the freeway thinking it'll drive the same as a BMW 535i, a Prius, or Challenger. If you're taking 1E D&D onto...
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    What tone do you prefer for D&D?

    I opted "heroic", but that could really span from, "hero - like a good teacher or a fireman in real life is a hero" all the way to Hercules and Gilgamesh and demigods. I like SOME sense of grittiness in my heroism so that it's not all just Greek epic. E6 has come to be my ideal where the PC's...
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    How do you explain PC absences when a player has to miss a session?

    We ignore it studiously. If it has to be mentioned at all then the character is "guarding the horses" outside the dungeon.
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    Poll: What TSR RPG Should Be Revivified by Wizards?

    Boot Hill because westerns are still a popular genre for TV/movies and they're missing out by not trying to be a player if not the 800# gorilla. Gamma World because I've got a hankering for a really epic post-apoc game with miniatures and terrain and all, but the Fallout rpg may not do the...
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    D&D and the rising pandemic

    When one of the actual players or someone they have close contact with IS ILL, or the local health department says, "We have a local outbreak. Everybody stay home and don't contact others or risk contagion." By ignoring the outrageously overblown fears generated by the media and keeping the...
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    DM question: how much do you incorporate PC backgrounds into the campaign?

    Also needs to be considered whether the player really wants to have their pc Shanghaied into something the DM cooks up for them personally, or if they’d just as soon remain anonymous orphan farm boy turned hero who’s simply along for the ride. Not all players nor PCs are the same in that...
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    What is the most statistically improbably die roll you've witnssed?

    Creating my first fighter PC for 1E AD&D and rolled 18/00 for strength. In 40 years of playing D&D I've never seen another player repeat that feat. It's really just a 1 in 100 chance for the percentile, though it's also about a 1.5% chance for the 18 on 4d6 before that, but nobody else in any...
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    DM question: how much do you incorporate PC backgrounds into the campaign?

    Enough for players to feel like their PC's did indeed come from THIS campaign world rather than drop in out of the sky from another parallel dimension, but I've come to believe strongly that character backgrounds are for PLAYER usage, not DM usage. By the time my campaigns are beginning I've...