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    Help me choose a VTT

    It's worth noting that Fantasy Grounds Unity is still in beta; expectations should be adjusted appropriately. Classic will most likely not be deprecated soon; they're saying that they will keep Classic "updated and running as long as demand remains high". Considering the status of Unity (which...
  2. Matchstick

    NZ Virtual Tour.

    Loving this. Getting worn down by negativity and this is a thread that inspires me to dream a bit. Thanks!
  3. Matchstick

    Which Online Virtual Tabletop Do You Use?

    https://www.gencon.com/events/187435 They're doing a panel at GenCon, maybe that might help to watch before buying. The Discord is also a good place, in my limited experience. I haven't heard or seen anything bad about culture etc.
  4. Matchstick

    General 4e Healing was the best D&D healing

    Can't have Star Wars without hands flying off! :) Savage Worlds could make it happen. Fourth Wound is Incapacitation and a failure on the Incapacitation table (and the right roll) loses you an arm (or, for this example, a hand).
  5. Matchstick

    Kids on Brooms: Wizarding School Powered by Kids on Bikes

    This just sounds so cool!
  6. Matchstick

    5E DnDBeyond non WotC content video game tie in?

    The Legends of Runeterra digital card game is excellent IMO and free. Never played LOL, but I really like the card game.
  7. Matchstick

    General Anyone ever run (or played in) a campaign with entire party (or almost) was a single class?

    I played in a 3.5 campaign with four monks, and my sorcerer. It was memorable and fun. I love situations like that.
  8. Matchstick

    4E Am I crazy? I've just gotten a hankering to play 4e again...

    I have no idea what's in it, but Fantasy Grounds says it will let me create a campaign with a 4E ruleset.
  9. Matchstick

    General Art that exemplifies D&D to you.

    And maybe some original Chill? I don't recognize the above pieces, but it sure seems like an the style of an artist I remember really liking.
  10. Matchstick

    Wyrmwood Gaming and COVID-19

    My wife works at a clinic, and the clinic shares a lobby with a hospital. I saw the Wyrmlife the day it came out and showed her. She's passed it along to the clinic's CEO. Lots of people stepping up. What did Mr. Rogers say? "Look for the helpers".
  11. Matchstick

    5E Most User-Friendly VTT? (Dice Games In The Time of Covid)

    You can also post pictures in chat, and there are die roller macros. We just use it for voice chat, so Skype would be the same, but there are differences.
  12. Matchstick

    5E Most User-Friendly VTT? (Dice Games In The Time of Covid)

    That's what we've done as well, with TeamSpeak before Discord came out. I find FG a lot more intuitive than Roll20 (and I was a Roll20 Kickstarter backer). There's just something about Roll20 that doesn't click with me, even though I've tried and tried. Plus I can't stand subscription fees...
  13. Matchstick

    Playing Virtually? Don't Miss These Deals

    Is there any media out there showing Foundry in use? The little bit I can find looks good, but there doesn't seem to be much.
  14. Matchstick

    Critical Role Wildemount releases tomorrow

    Don't know if this qualifies, it's probably a little long, but I figured it'd be something to point out. It's a Wildemount adventure from levels 1-3. https://www.dndbeyond.com/sources/wa/frozen-sick
  15. Matchstick

    Which Online Virtual Tabletop Do You Use?

    I will always take straight up paying over any kind of subscription service. Doesn't take much inattention and all of a sudden you realize you've way overpaid for what you've gotten.