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    D&D 5E What level did your MOST RECENT campaign get to?

    Highest is my current campaign which is at 16th level and will likely go to 20. Homebrew.
  2. MatthewJHanson

    D&D General TPK or Imprison

    Ask you're players, and see what they'd rather do.
  3. MatthewJHanson

    D&D 5E How many house rules?

    I haven't run into a situation yet where I've felt like it's too much, and I've had some pretty significant amounts of house rules.
  4. MatthewJHanson

    D&D 5E Why do your sidekicks hit better than the PC's??

    It's too keep it simple. Honestly if I were making warriors NPCs, I probably would not have included any abilities you need to track like second wind and indomitable. This feels like a very much like a straw-man argument to me, rather than one that is based in actual play. I'm a pretty...
  5. MatthewJHanson

    D&D 5E Magic Item Shops in Your Campaign

    The only thing readily available are standard potions of healing, and even those I limit the number they can by because one of my groups would stockpile hundred of potions if they had the chance. Otherwise I use a modified version of the rules in Xanethar's, so it's possible most of the things...
  6. MatthewJHanson

    D&D General can we make better dragons?

    Yes, that's what I was going for. Thanks.
  7. MatthewJHanson

    OD&D Basilisk Hills Hexcrawl Kickstarter

    For those of us not familiar with the Basilisk Hills, can you expand a little on what we might find there?
  8. MatthewJHanson

    D&D General can we make better dragons?

    This reminds me of a bit of dragon lore that I use in my game. Dragons find it offensive to say that somebody "rides" them. You ride animals, and it sets up a power relationship where the rider has the power. If you are very nice and the dragon likes you, however, they might carry you. This...
  9. MatthewJHanson

    D&D General can we make better dragons?

    My campaign only has chromatic dragons, but are the major bad guys of the campaigns. Each color more or less cooperates with their own color, and work as colonial powers, trying to take over the continent they are on. I the biggest thing stopping them is that the five colors are locked in a...
  10. MatthewJHanson

    D&D 5E How many combat encounters per adventuring day does your group have?

    I voted 3-5, which is pretty typical for the campaign when out adventuring, though sometimes more and sometimes less. I frequently have "interludes" where there is just one battle between adventures. I also try to include other encounters that drain resources in the adventures, such as traps or...
  11. MatthewJHanson

    D&D 5E Increasing/Modifying Attunement

    This is what I use for my game. Characters are up to 16 now, so five slots and it seems to work well. I like that magic item power level scales with everything else.
  12. MatthewJHanson

    D&D General A Venn Diagram Poll About D&D

    Since somebody else brought it up. Yes to the above, plus A and E technically would not be Venn diagrams, since Venn Diagrams have to show every possible combination, but leave it empty if such a combination does not actually exist. Those could be less-famous but very useful Euler diagrams. For...
  13. MatthewJHanson

    TSR Ernie Gygax on New TSR, WotC Beefs, Trademarks, Licensees, 5E, & More

    That assumes you run a lot of conventions. It you you charge a lot for a lifetime membership, then only run the first convention and pocket the rest, you come out of it pretty well.
  14. MatthewJHanson

    D&D General Win The Title of D&D's Best DM

    I submitted mine. I also did second tier, because it's a good place were the PCs can handle a trick trap but also not just completely ignore it. Mine was pretty much all magic, but I tried to include options that non-magical people could do. I interpreted "lore" as being a paragraph at the...
  15. MatthewJHanson

    D&D General Why does D&D still have 16th to 20th level?

    My current campaign is at 15th and will level up after their next fight. We plan to go all the way up to 20.