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Recent content by MatthewJHanson

  1. MatthewJHanson

    Two $1M+ Tabletop RPG Kickstarters At The Same Time!

    A rising tide lifting all boats does not mean that that all Kickstarters are going to do equally well. D&D is by far the most popular system, so D&D books are more likely to raise more money that an indie book. The question we really want to ask is whether indie books now are doing better off...
  2. MatthewJHanson

    D&D 5E Lock and Key Kickstarter Campaign

    Thanks both of you! Also, we just hit our first stretch goal to make a Pathfinder 2e version!
  3. MatthewJHanson

    D&D 5E Give me your strongest characters

    Frayfarnir, an ancient red dragon. (I'm the GM.)
  4. MatthewJHanson

    D&D 5E Lock and Key Kickstarter Campaign

    We've funded! Now on to stretch goals!
  5. MatthewJHanson

    D&D 5E Lock and Key Kickstarter Campaign

    The Lock and Key Kickstarter campaign is now live. Since the dawn of fantasy roleplaying games, opening locks has been a staple of fantasy adventures. This mini-supplement for the worlds most popular roleplaying game is filled with information about locks and how to open them. It includes: A...
  6. MatthewJHanson

    D&D General PC creation freedom and campaign setting fit

    I voted for few limitations, and most limitations are more about party cohesion than world building. Characters have to want to work as group, and buy into the premise of the campaign. No stealing from other PCs or wandering off during the middle of a quest because "it's what my character would...
  7. MatthewJHanson

    Official RPG for Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra announced

    I like PbtA for a lot of games, but I'm not sure it's a good fit for Avatar. I have seen other games like Blades in the Dark use the term playbook though, so it's possible that it might its own system or something else.
  8. MatthewJHanson

    D&D 5E What do you prefer for exploding reach weapon?

    I'm working on a custom magic item for my game. The basic idea is that it's a reach weapon, and has the potential to "explode," damaging everybody within five feet of the main target. The idea is that you hit somebody 10 feet away and also deal some damage to the enemies next to them. 1. You...
  9. MatthewJHanson

    D&D 5E Artificer Alchemist / Warlock = Tons of Elixirs?

    I think it's fine. If you want to add some kind of limit, you might say that you have to have at least one encounter between each rest.
  10. MatthewJHanson

    D&D 5E Airship Crash - encounters and equipment. Help Needed?

    In terms of supplies, think about what the airship was carrying. Was it just a passenger ship, or did it have some cargo. Was some of the cargo part of a nerfarious plot? Was it crucial medicine needed at their destination? Consider having having some of the other passengers survive. This can...
  11. MatthewJHanson

    D&D General How old were you when you started playing D&D?

    I don't remember exactly how old I was, but I think I was probably under 10. My brother got the Mentzer Red box, and we learned the game together.
  12. MatthewJHanson

    D&D 5E How much magic do you have in your game?

    I voted for 3rd level, because that's the highest level that most NPCs get to in the setting, so most people view those as the most powerful spells that can be cast. PCs of course go higher, which is why they are the ones solving the world-threatening problems.
  13. MatthewJHanson

    D&D 5E What kind of XP awards does your group currently use in 5E?

    In the campaign I'm running, the heroes are dedicated dragon slayers. Each adventure is going after a particular dragon, and every time they defeat that dragon they level up.
  14. MatthewJHanson

    D&D General Survivor 5E Dragons - Gold Dragon Proves its worth!

    Black Dragon 9 Blue Dragon 4 + 1 = 5 Gold Dragon 9 - 2 = 7 Green Dragon 10 Silver Dragon 10
  15. MatthewJHanson

    D&D General Survivor 5E Dragons - Gold Dragon Proves its worth!

    Black Dragon 9 + 1 = 10 Blue Dragon 12 Gold Dragon 10 -2 = 8 Green Dragon 12 Silver Dragon 12