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    Same As It Ever Was: Define the Players of RPGs, then Define the Theory of RPGs

    adopts Yorkshire accent In MY day we had PROPER classifications: Real Men, Loonies, Roleplayers, and Munchkins.
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    D&D 5E Making Monster Weakness Interesting

    Researching the enemy's weakness is a good idea. But,of course, the SMART monsters are going to use deception and there might be some mistakes in the local folklore.... Maybe the local vampire is only affected by SILVER holy symbols, but pretends to be affected by all holy symbols. Maybe he...
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    Level Up (A5E) Will a Druid ruin my exploration heavy game?

    I don't think it will be a gamebreaker. The Druid's "aerial recon" could actually help you make the game more fun! The PCs will have specific destinations to explore. Randomly wandering around can be very uninteresting. IMHO, the main thing you have to worry about is HOW LONG it will take for...
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    Payn's Ponderings Traveller Editions

    All the various Traveller systems are good, but it's the world-building that makes them interesting. Most follow Classic Traveller; they have a very stable and semi-feudal interstellar Imperium as the backdrop. Megatraveller is "The Decline and Fall of the Imperium" during a multi-sided civil...
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    D&D General Wizards are not rational/scientists

    As usual, Terry Pratchett has a good insight into this fantasy stereotype. We only need to look at Unseen University (and its High Energy Magic building). SOME Wizards really want to be scientists. However, they all accept that there is some sort of innate talent that is required to be a...
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    City adventures in very low-magic fantasy

    You don't mention what system you want to use... Have you looked at Shadowrun, or Bloodshadows ? Admittedly, both have more advanced technology than D&D but you can easily adapt/change that to medieval or renaissance levels.
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    WTF is "cold iron", and why's it so special?

    Perhaps "cold iron" is bog iron? There's something almost magical in the way it seems to grow in peat bogs (rather than being hacked out of rocks). And this article on Viking iron sounds like a spooky way of making semi-magical weapons out of bog iron...
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    What fantasy system and setting should I try?

    1. Pendragon. 2. Bushido (It's probably best if you can find a secondhand physical copy. But there is a scan of the game for $10 at Drivethrurpg) 3. Warhammer Fantasy 4. Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of (I haven't played this one, but it has good reviews) Of course, there are several...
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    Help, give some recomendations of Dark Fantasy TTRPG

    Cthulhu Dark Ages? It's based on a well-developed system and converting "modern" scenarios won't be too difficult
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    D&D General Need wheat. Too dangerous. (worldbuilding)

    Imperial Rome imported vast quantities of grain from Egypt. Maybe your cities have a similar arrangement: trading partners (or colonies?) in safe agricultural areas.
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    D&D 5E Protecting and enhancing a baby carriage

    Some sort of magical nanny. Even the most devoted mother appreciates a little help. Maybe a young werebear....
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    D&D 5E Brain Storming a campaign (school of chaos)

    It sounds like a very interesting campaign. LOTS of potential. Character suggestions 1. The PCs are basically the reconnaissance unit that the school sends when they want to try and understand the situation. All of them should have combat, or spy, or "wilderness survival"abilities...
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    Can you name a good fantasy TTRPG that's not D&D?

    Bloodshadows (a sadly overlooked "pseudo-noir" fantasy game) Bushido Castle Falkenstein Earthdawn Mage: The Sorcerer's Crusade Pendragon 7th Sea Warhammer
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    D&D General I need help again --- character hooks

    In "real life" standing stones and menhirs tended to get recycled as building materials. Let's say that there's been a series of mysterious thefts. One of the local gentry (perhaps even a relative of one of the players) has had a gatepost stolen. Why would anyone steal a gatepost? This is...
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    Level Up (A5E) Adding narrative satisfaction to armor

    It seems like a good idea to have armour absorb some damage. But, I think that - sometimes - it would be even more realistic to say that flexible armour (like leather or chain) doesn't NEGATE all damage. For example, that sword isn't slashing into your body BUT you do have a nasty bruise...