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    Wendy’s Presents: Feast of Legends (a Late Night Review)

    The website for it has a virtual dice roller. That's pretty epic too!
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    Rex Draconis: A D&D Setting From 'Legend of Huma' Author Richard A Knaak

    I misread it as Pax Draconis and thought "wow, the peace being kept by a Dragon Empire is a pretty fresh idea!" I still think the actual news is cool, but man do I have a new idea to play with!
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    Opportunity Rover D&D Stat Block

    It warms my heart, thinking of all its new adventures!
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    4 Things I Saw At Dragonmeet 2018

    Dragonmeet is a small one-day convention in London. It's been a few years since I've been there, and while it's still small, it has certainly grown since my last visit. That said, it's one of those conventions which I hope stay small, as that gives it a certain charm and friendliness that can be...
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    Origins Award Winners

    Congrats to Cubicle 7! I love Adventures in Middle Earth!
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    20 Random Battlefield Events To Add Chaos To Combat!

    This has really sparked some brainwaves in my head, for some reason! Thanks!!
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    Kate Welch is WotC's New D&D Designer

    Sorry Morrus My comment was was being written as you posted. I will remove it if requested.