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Recent content by mcmillan

  1. mcmillan

    D&D 5E [Merged] Candlekeep Mysteries Author Speaks Out On WotC's Cuts To Adventure

    Are people responding like this not bothering to read Panzer's blog post where he explains the process from his perspective? The first paragraph is: He's not complaining that they edited his draft. His concern is that he feels WOTC made fundamental changes to the concept after they accepted...
  2. mcmillan

    Candlekeep Mysteries Review Round-Up – What the Critics Say

    That seems to be missing what is bothering him about the cuts. This tweet seems to summarize how he feels about the specific things that were cut I don't have the book so can't judge how close it is to that description, though when the official wizards account tweeted a preview description...
  3. mcmillan

    Save The Day With The Sentinel Comics RPG

    Those are characters from the games. The woman you're asking about is Legacy - her gimmick is being the latest in a line where each firstborn child inherits the powers of their parent along with a new power going back to an ancestor that was Paul Revere's apprentice. His only power was a...
  4. mcmillan

    Blog (A5E) A Quick Look At Skills

    Average is similar, but distribution is pretty different See distribution here AnyDice
  5. mcmillan

    News Digest for the Week of January 15

    From an interview about the adventure
  6. mcmillan

    D&D 5E Kobold Press and their products

    there was a pretty long thread not too long ago that touched on this topic D&D 5E - Kobold Press (and are they the new Paizo?)
  7. mcmillan

    Looking for a Sci-Fi RPG

    The Ashen Stars book using the Gumshoe system might be worth looking at. Characters have roles for both ship-based encounters and ground adventures that can be more or less independent. Settingwise it's a bit different but could be adapted to your scenario pretty easily - basically it assumes...
  8. mcmillan

    WotC New WotC Statement on Orion Black

    With regard to medical practice there's actually a common practice to review how cases went wrong and what improvement to care could be implemented. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morbidity_and_mortality_conference Due to the confidentiality of those meetings, compared to lawsuits being public...
  9. mcmillan

    Owen KC Stephens' Tabletop RPG Truths

    For what it's worth, Cat Tobin, a co-owner of Pelgrane Press, retweeted part of Owen Stephan' thread with the comment:
  10. mcmillan

    D&D 5E Terrain Toolbox comes to 5e

    For those of us that had picked up the 4e version can you say a bit about if there's any kind of changes we'd see in the new version (beyond obvious adjusting damage/save difficulties)?
  11. mcmillan

    D&D 5E The Last Edition of D&D?

    Think you might be remembering some things Monte Cook had to say about 3.5 edition REVIEWS Monte Cook shares his thoughts Also my impression that seems to have been fairly unpopular move to have made. While I think it's likely any new edition will probably be worked on for a bit before it's...
  12. mcmillan

    D&D 5E D&D Mythic Odysseys of Theros Previews!

    I'm at least an example of being pulled that way. I used to play back in high school, but hadn't played in ... ~20 years (how'd that happen). The Ravnica book seemed interesting enough that I started looking more into the associated lore, which led to me knowing about Magic Arena to play online...
  13. mcmillan

    Critical Role Explorer's Guide to Wildemount Review

    @teitan As Brimmels said she had fallen behind on episodes, and other people may also be watching from earlier in the campaign you should probably edit your post to put that in spoiler tags (like below - you can click the three dots to get a dropdown menu for inserting spoilers)
  14. mcmillan

    Free Stuff During The Pandemic!

    Green Ronin is giving away Fantasy AGE basic rulebook, along with having everything in their store 20% off for an anniversary sale Stay Home and Play Fantasy AGE ... For Free! • Green Ronin Publishing
  15. mcmillan

    D&D 5E What battle system would you prefere for Baldur's Gate 3?

    I'd definitely say you need some kind of argument that the combat system is the most important part of a game for most people. Personally I'd put story elements as way more of a factor that affects my interest than how combat would be run,