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    Worlds of Design: Worldbuilding 101 (Part 2)

    Of course, one could have a world without deities? or one where they only exist because people create them to fill a need? And where they get power from being followed so more followers = more power? or a world where the divine is like the Jungian collective unconscious? That could be...
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    Worlds of Design: Worldbuilding 101 (Part 2)

    Scrivener is good as a writing tool, but requires a bit of commitment to make best use of its organisational benefits. Aeon Timeline is also interesting. Of course, you can just as easily keep events straight in a really big spreadsheet or as a big wall covered in Postit notes!
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    Shadowrun Sixth World Core Rulebook Review

    You can’t be paying serious money for a hardback with editing issues like this. In future, publishers will have to think about this: maybe do a couple of editions in pdf first, get it all debugged before asking people to shell out for the hardback. I’m also not sure I want 300 pages even in a...