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    UA Light, Dark, Underdark - November's Unearthed Arcana

    I wonder, the enemy gets hit when they enter your reach at the point of going from 10' away to 5' away. Does moving from 5' away to adjacent trigger the tunnel fighter's opportunity attack? I'd say "no" as you aren't "within reach" until you enter the 5' away range anyway. Getting hit twice on...
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    UA Light, Dark, Underdark - November's Unearthed Arcana

    Both of the combat styles are excellent additions. I especially appreciate that the Shooter style covers the pet peeves for Ranged Weapon Characters when you don't have access to Feats. Ranged Weapons are, in general, a raw deal in close-quarters settings since they have a poorer ratio of...
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    4E 4e/13thA immersion question and 5e/13thA DoaM question

    Frankly, I think 13th Age handles keeping the number of actions available at any given point to a minimum compared to many other editions. Yes, there are more and less complex characters. Some characters wind up with maybe 10 or so spells or equivalent class abilities by the end of their career...
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    4E Reply if you love 4e

    I love 4E. If I want to run a very tactical, skirmish-based game focused on teamwork I'll run 4E with various steals from 13th Age bolted on. I also love 4E for the game evolution elements that 13th Age has inherited from it. - Marty Lund
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    4E More reflections on 4e and 5e.

    Suit yourself, I guess. A product with a lot of unnecessary barriers to entry is a poorly designed product. Having a path to a ton of customization and complex, fixed-mechanic decision-trees does not preclude the existence of a path to simple packages and rules-light action resolutions within...
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    4E More reflections on 4e and 5e.

    See Neonchameleon's post on the previous page regarding chunking in decision making. The Essentials structure is significantly superior UI/UX design not only because it allows for a lower floor of complexity when someone wants that but also because it compartmentalizes the aspects of more...
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    4E More reflections on 4e and 5e.

    The D&D Essentials Fighter sub-classes (Knight and Slayer) and the Skald from Heroes of the Feywild show much better templates for what "at-will powers" need to be for characters that use the "Making Sharp Things Go Through Soft Things That Scream and Bleed" skill to attack than anything in the...
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    Three Fighters Walk into a Dungeon ... (a V2 Play-test)

    3 Fighters walk into a bar ... A DNDNext Play-test log. So the new play-test packet dropped a week ago and one of the players of the regular game was going to be out of town this week. It seemed like the perfect time to give the new rules a shake-down. It started with asking people for a raw...
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    Finally, the Fighter can both Stunt and Hit

    At least the Slayer, Sharpshooter, and the Duelist can. I think I'm in love with the Jab and Snap Shot Combat Maneuvers. Here's how you get to improvise the stunt system in the middle of a battle and still follow on for an attack of some kind. The Specialties in Two-Weapon Fighting or Archery...
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    4E 4e players, why do you want 5e?

    Frankly, while I welcomed the balance, the uniformity that came with it was undesirable. The great leaps the Essentials line introduced later on were a very welcome change. It was completely different and yet the same all at once. It lacked the nostalgia of the annoying quirks of badly...
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    Wise as a sack full of hammers.

    My player didn't have as much fun with the Priest of Moradin character. With two spells in a day he did most of his business with the warhammer. Unfortunately, he was swinging with his strength modifier. A buff spell helped but that was limited duration and ate up a precious spell slot...
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    3E/3.5 5E solve me this: 3Es and 4Es biggest problem

    Narrative is wonderful and has its place. The narrative of a good D&D game is cooperative. The DM doesn't know much in the way of details of how a campaign plays out for certain because the PC's are independent actors. Instead of bickering and banning things it's best to focus on what everyone...
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    4E Things 4E Did Well & Should be Kept in Some Form

    1.) No Spotlight Hogs Enforcing the Action Economy (Minor, Move, Standard) even onto classes with pets was a big deal. Taking away the ability for Caster Classes to obsolete all the other classes was a huge improvement. No more MageGuyver drinking the Skill Monkey's milk-shake or Summoner...
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    3E/3.5 Things from 3e (inc PF) not done well

    Building Monsters Like PCs is Bad Business It keeps monsters from being unique and makes a ton of extra work for the DM. You wound up with overly complicated abilities and effects designed for long-lived PCs that weren't appropriate for 1-and-done monsters. Daily Class Powers / Spells Need to...
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    4E Things from 4E Not Done Well

    Biggest problems with D&D 4E? Class Spam instead of Customization Every class was on a narrow rail from levels 1-30, with a little branches for half-a-tier at Paragon Paths and Epic Destinies. Consequently, you needed an entirely new set of narrow rails for varieties. Customization due to...