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    I'm reading the Forgotten Realms Novels- #17 Exile (Legend of Drizzt 2)

    But that's not the case. He is skilled but he is for sure not the best at everything, and he has a number of weaknesses.
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    Where does negative energy fit into the D&D chrono-cosmology?

    Here is the map of the elemental planes. Once you go beyond the borders in any direction you get to the part where it is just pure that element, and if you get past that you end up in the Elemental Chaos where it all randomly mixes together.
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    Deep Dive into Descent Into Avernus

    Aren't Larva native to Hades. Also it makes sense that someone like Mammon would convert the souls like Larva he buys into coins.
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    5E Enhancing "Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus"

    Ok the DM's Guild Product Encounters in Avernus is really cool. It has a pretty awesome encounter chain.
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    Deep Dive into Descent Into Avernus

    Not impossible at all, just harder.
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    Zariel before her Fall

    She was a Solar.
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    5E Ideas for demon lord campaign

    Ghosts of Saltmash has some decent plot ideas for how to expand one of the Adventures dealing with followers of Orcus.
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    New Dragon+ Issue: Sept. 2019

    No issue your's goes into more detail anyway.
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    New Dragon+ Issue: Sept. 2019

    I put this up already
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    Have Githzerai always been jerks?

    Dakkon from Planescape torment was really cool, and the D&D Devs changed the race to be more like him. Going borderline Lawful Neutral in 3e and going full on Lawful Neutral in 4e and 5e.
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    Deep Dive into Descent Into Avernus

    I think trying to take out soul coins is missing the point of them.
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    Deep Dive into Descent Into Avernus

    Cause that takes the whole point of the thing away if you can just use them without feeling guilt.
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    Demon Lord Plot

    Mordenkainen's tome of Foes describes this exactly. Basically if a Demon Lord gets enough of a beachhead into the World and is allowed to run rampant with their followers for too long, the world will become irrevocably changed and eventually become a layer of the Abyss. The classic adventure...
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    Paladin just committed murder - what should happen next?

    Honestly alignment does not matter at all for this discussion only if they broke the oath. Which given the Oaths of the Ancients I would say they did.