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    5E [Rogues Gallery] Everything D&D Ever - Temple of the Frog

    Name: Alara Dortotter Sex: Female Race: Human Legacy - Swore an oath to a demon Class/Level: Paladin (1) Alignment: Lawful Neutral Size: Medium Type (Subtype): Humanoid (human) Init +1; Senses Normal; Passive Perception 10 DEFENSE AC 16 (chain mail (16)) AC 18 (chain mail (16), shield (+2 AC))...
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    5E Starter set being shipped early in Canada

    If you ordered your starter set in Canada from Chapters, run, do not walk, to your mailbox and take a peek. You probably got it delivered today if you live in a major (or semi-major) urban center.
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    [NBA] - (S)Entry

    "Once you've secured the laptop, you will call a contact number, then rendezvous with Anton Dedopovic on the Serbian side of the partition line. He will pay you the balance of your fee in cash and take it from there." Rudek slides a flash drive across the table to Hung "This flash drive...
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    [NBA] - (S)Entry

    Rudek continues. “My principals … whom I suspect are not our ultimate employers in this matter … need something from this NATO Officer. Specifically, his laptop computer.” On Rudek’s laptop, the screen shows a sixtyish man in a uniform “Brigadier-General Malcolm Lennart has just completed...
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    [NBA] - (S)Entry

    Table of Contents ______________________________________ ______________________________________ Hung-Ke opened up his website and, as was his wont first thing in the morning, spent some time trawling through Craigslist for giggles. Mainly looking at the personals section. Some of those people...
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    (S)Entry - Nights Black Agents - Recruitment thread (2 spots left, jump in whenever)

    I picked up Nights Black Agents a couple of months ago, and given that my face to face group has pretty much self destructed due to personal drama, I decided, after having been run through a brief scenario by Piratecat, to attempt to run a campaign via play by post. In case you are...
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    Nights Black Agents - Interest check

    I recently purchased Nights Black Agents and, given that my face to face group starts making warding gestures at anything that is not 3.5, I figured I would give running in via these forums a shot. Would anybody be interested in playing in it? Some notes: 1 - I have never DMed anything before...
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    Kickstarter Anyone supporting the Dwarven Forge Kickstarter

    If I had an actual face to face group that met more than once every couple of months, I would be very tempted to do this. OF course, I would get it shipped to my brother-in-laws PO box just across the border so that I don't have to pay for the shipping.
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    How easy would it be to play Nights Black Agents in a play-by-post

    I just picked up Nights Black Agents. The setting (spies in Europe with vampires) really intrigued me. My real-life situation is tight enough on time that I doubt I will get a chance to actually play it over a table, so I was wondering how easy it would be to play this game in a play-by-post...
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    Contribute via PayPal link

    Is this something that can be removed for Community Supporters?
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    Not showing as Community Supporter

    I am a community supporter (as a quick double check of my CC statement shows) and am not tagged as such under my icon. Is this something that I change in my profile or did my status get lost in the rebuilding?
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    Subscription problems

    Otherwise known as "I can't read". I got the notice of my subscription ending, and didn't pay attention to the dates. I was tired, and misread July as June, so I re-purchased a 4-month subscription, when I was on a 1-year monthly plan. I have no problems with the 1-year monthly pan rolling...
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    3E/3.5 3.5 Edition Reprints

    Wow. WotC just can't win sometimes. They stop publishing 3.5 and move to 4E, and people start screaming at them to sell the older material. They start selling older material, and you have people complaining that it is just a money grab. There is a reason why we don't get nice things sometimes.
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    Weirdness with Dice Roller

    When I try to use a favourite Dice roll, nothing happens. No matter if I click on the Roll! or Add button. The Roll button brings me back to my post, with no roll added to it. The Add button doesn't appear to do anything at the moment.