Long term nerd/geek (started with a red box D&D in the 80s), amateur writer/artist, comic/animation fan, like intro says. as he duplicates some answers.

I own and/or have played in the past GURPS (various sourcebooks), Mage the Ascension, D&D 2E, 3E, now 5E, pathfinder, FATE (once online in PBP), Aberrant, Numenera, Mutants and Masterminds 2E, DC HEROES and Marvel Superheroes way back in the 80s, Star Wars (older system), Toon and others I'm forgetting.

Married, employed in non-creative field.

Been playing PBP last year or two but had to quit everything except brother's game due to time constraints. Now looking for the camaraderie of live games (not Skype) locally to have fun and make friends. My wife is creative too and so I'm introducing her to this stuff and she's excited to try. I did a solo one shot for her but it's not the same. Mostly looking at 5E D&D because it is a bigger pool of players.

Listening to 1st season of Critical Role podcast at the mo'.

Just started working on a pathfinder campaign setting with my brother that we'll probably... eventually self-publish as a PDF. Very eventually.