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    Check Out The WFRP Gamemaster's Screen

    This DM screen looks Fantastic! Great Artwork!
  2. Nitehood62

    Check Out The WFRP Gamemaster's Screen

    I have not gotten my Enemy Within yet. I am afraid I will start the campaign and get to a point where the other pieces of the campaign are not out yet. If I put the campaign on hold, we may never get back to it.
  3. Nitehood62

    Check Out The WFRP Gamemaster's Screen

    That would be Awesome to see a steam train go through that scene!
  4. Nitehood62

    Starfinder Here's the cover of INCIDENT AT ABSALOM STATION, the first adventure in Starfinder's DEAD SUNS AP!

    When Pathfinder started and their APs after Dragon and Dungeon magazines stopped, they used to be bi-monthly as well. I had my magazine subs rolled over to Pathfinder and every other month got the new AP modules.
  5. Nitehood62

    Kickstarter (KS) Come and Explore Arcanis 5E on Kickstarter…

    I played Arcanis at GenCon in 2011 and had a great time. Now looking at this KS really makes me want to play again. I really need a guide of what books go with what version of the games. There are a lot of Arcanis books out there and I am not sure what goes wit what rule system. One looks like...