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    Nominate Your Favourite RPG Podcasts of 2020!

    Category: Talk Podcast: Effekt Podcast Why: They talk a lot about Year Zero Engine games (from Free League) + Symbaroum and often have guests, sometimes from Free League, sometimes contract writers, sometimes fans, to talk about Year Zero Games + Symbaroum. They offer homebrew items and ships...
  2. NotRussellCrowe

    Roll20 Reports First Drop For D&D

    There already are other Cthulhu games out there. Trail of Cthulhu is likely the next biggest one but there's also Delta Green, Cthulhu Dark, Cthulhu Hack and likely a few others I'm not familiar with. Free League is also going to make their own Cthulhu game based around one-shots.
  3. NotRussellCrowe

    WotC New WotC Game Studio Headed By Bioware's James Ohlen

    So mobile AR games with microtransactions? :p
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    Jon Hodgson Patreon

    Jon Hodgson, artist at Cubicle 7 who has worked on a number of RPGs, including The One Ring and Adventures in Middle-earth, has started up a Patreon to create maps, and maybe other things (currently talking about making a process video), but sounds like mostly maps...
  5. NotRussellCrowe

    D&D 5E ForgedAnvil D&D 5E Character Generator

    Yes, thank you for your hard work, ForgedAnvil, your sheet has made it easy for my wife and I to enjoy our games. I hope that your hard work can continue in the future, having XGtE would be the icing on the cake too! Thank you and good luck!
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    Trudvang Chronicles - Stormlands Kickstarter is Live!

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1256540796/trudvang-chronicles-stormlands For those who were waiting for a source book to Trudvang Chronicles, wait no more (well you will still have to wait for shipping but at least you have a better idea of when). Also includes the Snowsaga campaign and...
  7. NotRussellCrowe

    All aboard! Last stop for the Horror on the Orient Express

    https://www.chaosium.com/blog/horror-on-the-orient-express-the-journey-is-about-end/ Looks like Chaosium will not be reprinting this box set once stock runs out, and stock is apparently getting low. So if you've been wanting to hear the clickity-clack of the tracks as you travel from Paris...
  8. NotRussellCrowe

    Trudvang vs Symbaroum

    Good day! I'm looking to branch out from my D&D game and high fantasy and looking for something a little more dark and gritty. I've read that both of these games/settings are dark and gritty, and I like the Scandinavian influence on both, very drawn to the art and settings. So I'm having...
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    D&D 5E D20PRO Getting Official D&D 5e Content

    From: http://d20pro.com/2017/08/09/official-dungeons-dragons-content-coming-d20pro/ We are pleased to announce that Wizards of the Coast has granted Mesa Mundi Inc. a development and distribution license for Dungeons & Dragons. With this new relationship, D20PRO, Mesa Mundi’s flagship virtual...
  10. NotRussellCrowe

    D&D 5E Adventures in Middle-earth - Eaves of Mirkwood and LM Screen

    Time for another supplement to Adventures in Middle-earth. This time you get an introductory adventure (no, not Elves of Mirkwood, it really is Eaves), a Loremaster's screen, pre-gens for the adventure, and some optional rules...
  11. NotRussellCrowe

    D&D 5E Adventures in Middle-Earth - Rhovanion Region Guide

    http://cubicle7.co.uk/adventures-in-middle-earth-rhovanion-region-guide-pre-order-now/ Looks like a surprise announcement from Cubicle 7 for a new AiME product. On Google+ they mentioned that they are "building up quite a reserve of titles that are well progressed through production" so expect...