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Recent content by Old Gumphrey

  1. Old Gumphrey

    D&D 5E Spells in Stat Blocks are Terrible

    Well, I vehemently disagree with you, and that was the purpose of my post. If you can't handle being quoted, may I suggest lurking?
  2. Old Gumphrey

    Mike Mearls Ruined Everything

    Haha, this thread.
  3. Old Gumphrey

    Exclusive 13TH AGE BESTIARY Preview: The Redcap!

    Yep. This is the first time I've ever seen someone complain about having too much fluff, it's like not wanting to go to a restaurant because they give you too much food (hint: take it home).
  4. Old Gumphrey

    "Order of the Stick" Kickstarter shatters records, about to top $500K

    Apparently gamers are doing very well for themselves. The average donation is around $75USD.
  5. Old Gumphrey

    Monte Cook back at wizards

    http://www.enworld.org/forum/4e-discussion/290165-mike-mearls-ruined-everything.html Also, can someone explain to me why every single one of these threads, bar none, becomes a discussion about PF sales vs 4e sales? Is this really a fun or interesting topic to speculate on? I guess it must be.
  6. Old Gumphrey

    Mike Mearls Ruined Everything

    Since this thread was quoted in an article that whipped a couple forums into a tizzy, does that make me indirectly famous?
  7. Old Gumphrey

    D&D 4E 4e and reality

    So. 20 page thread on grapple rules in 4e? I'm just saying.
  8. Old Gumphrey

    D&D 4E 4e and reality

    Instead of immunity, how about poison-immune critters dealing reflexive area damage as they void their bodies of incoming poison damage; or they inflict extra poison damage when PCs hit them because the poison can't enter their body (it's made of stone or metal); or the poison enhances their own...
  9. Old Gumphrey

    Themes: What's the Catch?

    Then you need to read more carefully in the future, IMO, because you are doing a very poor job of interpreting my posts, IMO. Yes, it is out of line with the rest of the game, because there's currently not a single other way to get an additional encounter attack power, no matter how weak it...
  10. Old Gumphrey

    Themes: What's the Catch?

    Is anyone actually doing that in this thread? If you're directing that at me, I think you'll need to reexamine my posts and keep your snark to yourself. If not, good enough. As to the rest, do you honestly believe a person who made a post 6 months ago suggesting that every character get a free...
  11. Old Gumphrey

    I killed a character, twice!

    I think it was a heroic act and a heroic death. A D&D character couldn't ask for more, really. As a fellow player, I would want blood and heads from those demons in penance.
  12. Old Gumphrey

    Help! My party has no healer!

    Leaders are not required any more than controllers, defenders, or strikers.
  13. Old Gumphrey

    Help! My party has no healer!

    I changed your entire worldview and didn't get xp for it? Lame. :cool:
  14. Old Gumphrey

    Help! My party has no healer!

    You have to adjust tactics for different situations. If creatures can ignore opportunity attacks, then the people you need to protect should be adjacent to you. In many cases, that means them coming to you. Hiding in a bush 15 squares from the action is only a good idea if the enemy can't reach you.