My name is Ben Dutter, founder of Sigil Stone Publishing and creator of the OMEN RPG. I have had a profound love of role-playing games from my very first exposure through my current face to face game. I have been an avid reader and lurker of the EN World forums for years, and finally have decided to become a member of the community that I so earnestly admire.

I have completed several novels (unpublished), graphic novels, and two complete RPG systems. But, I am looking to get back to my roots and simply play in an excellent game with (hopefully) some new friends. I have played in dozens of games and DM'd multiple year-plus campaigns. I eagerly thirst for that feel of joy from experiencing a new world and immerse myself in my character.

I have particularly extensive knowledge of most d20 systems (most notably 4e) but am willing to give other systems a try if I am given some time to grasp the mechanical aspects. I look forward to gaming with you!