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    Time for the Character Builder to be free?

    Actually, I think the character builder should be free. It's designed to get players into the game, right? Make it free. However, it only makes you a character sheet. No power cards. No explanations of each feat. It just does the math for your feats, class features, and what you have equipped...
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    Fantasy Flight Games officially has Star Wars license

    It is now official. Fantasy Flight Games [News] - Use The Force Many here and elsewhere suspected it, but now we know.
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    I'm sorry, but you'll all be seeing more of me.

    As the new WoTC community setup managed to screw up my account, that I've had since 2002, and they still can't get me into my screen name after 4 days, this is the next best place to discuss 4E. Sorry. ;)
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    Sharing my house rules

    Just sharing what I have as house rules. They are suprisingly short for me, for once (much Like Saga Star Wars or WoD 2.0) I just don't feel I need many more rules to get the game feel I like. ------------------------------------------------ House Rules v1.0 Blasts/Bursts/Area...