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    5E Material components

    Nobody who answered so far.
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    5E Material components

    Have you ever run a game just to get some rare components to be able to cast a spell? How does it feel for your players? Does it make a spell more impactful?
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    5E Material components

    Thanks a lot sir! This list makes our lives much better!
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    5E Material components

    How does it effect the gameplay? E.g. did it cause any spectacular story elements, like fighting the main enemy they ran out of components. Do the players like it?
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    5E Material components

    Hey guys, I would like to get some input on spell material components. Do you use it? Do you ignore it? How do you like it as a player, as a DM? What is your experience? etc ... All of my friends pretty much ignore it, but I start to think it can give a very good flavor for a campaign and a bit...
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    5E Interrupting rests

    It means a lot of things but wounds are among them. So how it disappears after a long rest? Because it is a game mechanic and has nothing to do with IRL
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    5E Interrupting rests

    I hit someone with a two handed sword. There should be a wound. Right or wrong? Why cure light wounds gives hit points back? Why does it called HIT points and not stress points? The list could go on ...
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    5E Interrupting rests

    IRL your wounds will not disappear after a long rest. So it is pointless to compare it to real life. It is a video game mechanic to attract MMO players.
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    5E Bad Sage Advice?

    There are some people who would agree on anything just to contradict you.
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    5E Sell my Party on a Cleric

    I feel you. Cleric is not even an option (for my players). It is like a blank page in the PHB.
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    GMing: What Keeps Long Running Campaigns Exciting?

    We did the same. After 4 years the party reached lvl 14. ToA was just 2 levels. Everyone loved the pace.
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    General For the Love of Greyhawk: Why People Still Fight to Preserve Greyhawk

    Greyhawk is much closer to us, 0 level humans. The heroes are not superheroes. Gods do not walk on it's soil. There is good and evil there, but many things are grey. Not every struggle is a world wide conflict. Good does not alwasy win. Money is a motivator (see early iterations of D&D). It is...
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    D6 Ways to be a Great Game Moderator

    Know your players and their expectations and let everyone shine. Players usually have different preferences in a party. You need to satisfy them all.
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    General (Anecdotal) conversations with Asian gamers on some problems they currently face in the D&D world of RPG gaming

    Other products use European names and the context is not accurate. The author is not European. Should I be offended? It is fantasy so anything is possible.
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    5E Is 5e Heroic, or SUPER-heroic?

    My high level wizard kicked Spiderman’s ass. It is not Superman but still a superhero so I think it counts.