I'm a U.S. Navy brat who lived on both coasts before coming to Houston as an undergrad (at Rice University) and then stayed put. My career has mainly been in education, with some side forays into administration and print communications. I'm also an amateur theatrical actor and director, with credits in a variety of local theaters.

Generally I favor "wide-open" systems that allow creativity for both the players and the GM: GURPS, Savage Worlds, FATE, etc. Though I enjoy GURPS' capacity for detail, I prefer to play it in a "roll and shout" vein: if you would have to bring the game to a screeching halt to look something up, instead make up something reasonable and just keep moving.

That said, I can also enjoy more focused (and popular) systems like D&D (which I’ve played through all five editions) or Traveller (where I’m also a completist), Call of Cthulhu (and its BRP cousins), or Shadowrun. Quirky niches are fun, too, from Earthdawn to Ars Magica to Space:1889.

I also play shorter improvisational games (Fiasco, etc.) and modern board and card games (Carcassonne, Shadows Over Camelot, etc.).
January 28
Houston, TX


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Looking for a GURPS group in Houston, Texas.



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