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    D&D 5E What House / 3rd Party / Optional Rule changed your game the most?

    I’ve used the Slow Natural Healing option from the DMG for years now… you regain no hit points from resting, you always spend hit dice. A long rest recovers hit dice. It works well. For my next campaign I’m toying around with throwing in a cap on how many hit dice you regain based on whether...
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    Is Tolerance a Lawful thing ?

    This whole thread illustrates why alignment probably needs to be put out to pasture. Many issues are subjective and too difficult to categorise, plus people fall into their tribal camps and get offended if you suggest their beliefs fit a different box than what they feel they should—be it...
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    D&D 5E Simple Rules for Aging (+)

    Ever since one of our characters picked up 30 extra years after an encounter with a ghost I've been thinking 5E needed some sort of good aging rules. I like the idea of incorporating greater susceptibility to exhaustion or similar effects. What about something like this. For every increment of...
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    D&D General DnD cosmology - Which Edition do you prefer?

    Top choice is Eberron, with its waxing and waning planar influence and unique planes like Dal Quor. 4e world axis is a close second.
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    D&D 5E Sage Advice is back!

    I suppose it's a question on what will players consider compatibility. For some it will mean that you can build a character out of either players handbook and sit down at the table an play with no discernable difference in ability or power, for others the player characters could be built...
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    D&D 5E Ajit George Talks About Radiant Citadel's Creators

    It took three posts before somebody brought up critical race theory. Whoever had three won the pool!
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    D&D 5E Announcement Next Week--What Hints For Upcoming D&D Books?

    I'm very curious about what the new format will be. I can think of a few digital/interactive formats, but I'm stumped on a new approach to print
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    D&D 5E So what % of D&D IS combat?

    Even within the same group of players, it depends a lot on the group of characters. Some parties lend themselves towards combat, others to social interaction. Even a single character can sway things... a party with a bard vs. a barbarian for example.
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    The Half-Edition Shuffle

    I hear the consternation about not putting an edition label on the cover for D&D, but look back at your rulebooks... 3rd and 4th, like 5th, didn't have an edition denoted on the cover, only 2nd and 3.5 (and Essentials if you count that as a half edition). I'm not sure about Basic D&D products...
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    D&D 5E How Will D&D Beyond Implement Monsters of the Multiverse?

    The tricky part for me personally is that I want the changes for all the monsters, but not the races. I feel like letting everyone pick their ability score bonuses dilutes the race choice and cuts in to a big selling point for human--versatility. I'm leaning towards house ruling fixed ability...
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    Hawkeye Disney+ Limited Series (spoilers)

    I think we need a full version of Rogers the musical, similar to how Disney+ has Hamilton. Or if they are unwilling to commit, every D+ Marvel series form now on gets at least one post credits scene that is a number from Rogers...
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    WotC “Atomic Arcade”— WotC’s New Digital Platform?

    If they are planning their own digital tool in the vein of DDB, I really hope they just acquire or license the existing tool rather from starting over from scratch. It would be a lot less effort on WotC's part, less risk of customer backlash, and mergers and acquisitions is the way all the cool...
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    D&D 5E 5e Revision: Re-Balancing and Combats per Day?

    Way, way back I played in the very first public play test for 5E (Monte Cook DMed for our table). They had something similar to what you describe at the time... you were limited to a single 1 hour rest, and two 5 minute rests. You may have me in part to blame for it never seeing the light of...
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    HeroQuest! I Finally My Mythic Set!

    I’m supposed to get mine Tuesday! But it’s shipping by FedEx, and on average their delivery estimates are a week overconfident (seriously, given a choice, I’d have happily paid extra to ship by literally any other carrier), so I’ll get it in November.