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    3E/3.5 need some idea for level 100 3.5/pathfinder

    Incorrect. Different people use different XP charts, and additionally, different people use different amounts of combat, story awards, etc. to advance PCs. There's also the rule that limits XP gain beyond what it takes to advance a level, until you actually do advance, which was a hol;dover from...
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    3E/3.5 New campaign pathfinder or 3.5

    I'd advise looking closely at everything to do with the Far Realm- that's supposed to be the place where Madness dwells, a home for the sort of tainted Chaos the OP appears to be going for. The original cultists probably opened a Far Realm portal, and that's what's been spreading; 3.5 rules for...
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    4E Poll about your interest in 4e

    I bought the three core books- PHB, DMG, and MM 1- and read through them thoroughly with an eye toward how they'd work with my ongoing game of the time. Short answer: they didn't. I had played one playtest of the rules, semi-beta-test, at Gen Con before getting the books. I don't count that...
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    PF1E Incarnum in Pathfinder

    Background to this post: a friend and I have been converting our old 3.5 worlds over to PF recently, but we both ran into the stumbling block that Incarnum was actually a fairly significant part of our settings and the classes as-is were usually considered weak for 3.5 (with the Totemist...
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    paradox42's crazy cosmology

    Others have been generous enough to share details of their campaigns and worlds, most notably (in recent days) Khisanth the Ancient; I in the meantime dribbled out bits and pieces of mine in conjunction with other things I was posting about. It's never been gathered together in one place, partly...
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    3.5E Nehaschimic Dragons

    Well, since we never got official versions of the other two Nehaschimic Dragon types mentioned in the Epic Bestiary (Volume 1), and since I had experience working out the numbers for such a beast (namely, the Firmament/Brane Dragon), I decided to make versions of the Black Hole Dragon and Quasar...
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    Sidereal Ascension methods

    I'm partly starting this thread to preserve ideas used in my own game in a place that's not dependent on my own hard drives/archives, but partly also because I think the people here in the forum might have good ideas to add to this list. In core Ascension, there is no real "dividing line"...
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    2nd Level!

    With this post, I reach 1000 posts and go up to 2nd level. Now, what's the hit die for the Poster class again? :cool:
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    4E What will the paladin represent in 4e?

    Me three. We know the Cleric has been designated the Divine Leader, but how do the other three roles match up with Divine power? Warlord is the Martial Leader, and Fighter the Martial Defender, so my suspicion is that Paladin is the Divine Defender. This says to me that "Cleric as front-line...
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    4E Your habits, considering 4e is coming

    Not all that much, for at least a year I think. I have two games going right now- the primary game has been going 6 1/2 years (we started in the early days of 3.0), and oddly enough will be reaching a critical world event- potentially an apocalyptic one- right around the time 4E is set for...
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    4E Traps in 4e - Mearls blog

    I have to agree with that. The "encounter traps" method was actively used back in the old, much-loved (by DMs anyway) Grimtooth's Traps series. I got some of my favorite dungeon fillers from those, and even killed a PC with one in my third session running 3rd Edition D&D when I adapted an old...
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    3E/3.5 3e/4e as Operating Systems: An Argument for Grognardism

    Being a man with a Computer Science degree and former programmer myself, I too must agree with the analogy on general principle. I'm actually in between the "upgrade" and "don't upgrade" extremes myself on 4th Edition, however; normally I'm an early adopter, but my present campaign setting is...
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    Question regarding Feats and Divine Abilities

    A while back in some thread or another (I forget which), I mentioned that I was toying with the notion of allowing Divine Abilities to be purchased with feats, under certain circumstances. Essentially, my reasoning goes, since a Divine Ability can be used to purchase six feats, why shouldn't the...
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    3E/3.5 ToB: Bo9S - Nifft's Compendium

    Nice idea actually, making a Combo system similar to Exalted's. Makes a lot of sense, since ToB was ostentibly d20's answer to Exalted, and a lot of Exalted combat Charms look suspiciously similar to ToB maneuvers. But as long as you're doing Intensify Strike, why not take that idea and try...
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    3E/3.5 ToB: Bo9S - Nifft's Compendium

    I, too, have been thinking about how to do Epic ToB stuff. I love the flavor of the book and system as-is, but my game's setting was always designed from the ground up with Epic in mind (I extended all base class progressions to 40th level, among other things). This means that to incorporate ToB...