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Hello! I'm Devon. I write things, make games, and write games! I was the co-founder of End Transmission LLC which published my RPGs SPLINTER, Phantasm(2010), Psionics, the DicePunk SRD, Systems Malfunction, and more (including sourcebooks and adventures for several game lines) before the company went sadly kaput. Most or all of those products are still available on DriveThru RPG. I have also written a whole bunch of stuff for Shadowrun 4th Edition, adventures, fluff, fiction, etcetera.

So here's the rub. It is a really hard to make a living out of D&D...but the RPG industry (and the temptation was there to use scare quotes around the word industry) is the only one I have any training in. Just getting and keeping a real job might be impossible for me because of my Crohn's Disease and mental healthy issues.

So, I'm going to be making RPG content and releasing it for free. Hopefully I'll keep up a steady stream of content that people will see and like. If I can make Patreon work, that would be great. I will probably launch another Kickstarter before too long as well. If you buy my games/fiction, especially if you buy them direct from me, you help enable me to keep making things up and giving them away for free, and that is, not that I'm biased a saintly action.

Follow me on the twitters! @ParanoydStyle is my old twitter with more than 3,000 followers, @GMRichSanchez is my new twitter with less than 3 followers. I mostly get drunk and have opinions but I occasionally post random RPG gaming thoughts too.
Mar 18, 1986 (Age: 34)
Not In America, But Under



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