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    Pathfinder 2E Succubus on the offensive

    Try offering a "sidequest" "Hey! Do this errand and I can offer you this item that gives you this bonus!" Or having numerous inconsequential encounters to hide the true intent. Vary the appearance, approach and mannerisms. I wouldn't try anything sexual towards a character, personally. I try...
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    Pathfinder 2E Succubus on the offensive

    During a casual meeting, in a market or shop, the demon could (accidentally) knock something over or drop it. The item doesn't have to be sharp, a sheet of paper would do. A small cut, enough for a drop of blood as it is handed back to the villain, could give her the link to perform a couple of...
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    Pandemic: How will you continue to enjoy your hobbies?

    I'm going to cancel the local organized play for now. Might try discord if I can set it up. My BIG problem is my son. He's my gamer buddy, but this week is kicking his ass. This is his final year of school before college next fall, and he was as busier than a one armed paper hanger. He had 2...
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    D&D and the rising pandemic

    As a Diabetic (type 2, insulin dependent), it takes me longer to heal from most things, injuries or sicknesses. I have to poke my fingers three times a day to draw blood (a great way for infection to enter) and inject myself with my insulins 5 times a day. Your skin is a great barrier to...
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    D&D 5E Goodman Games is Reincarnating Castle Amber

    She was my FIRST!! (still have a beat up copy) And actually (I soooo hate being that guy)
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    Pathfinder 2E Gamemastery Guide: What are your thoughts?

    CapnZapp, looking at your ideas, I think that you would be a perfect candidate to publish on your own. You have a clear idea of what you want, some good ideas of how to implement, and it seems that you can articulate your point. I would seriously consider buying it.
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    Pathfinder 2E Gamemastery Guide: What are your thoughts?

    The biggest benefit (for me) is that you can adjust a projected build and see where the numbers lie, and make changes accordingly. Follow that feet tree, see where that choice ends up.
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    Pathfinder 2E Gamemastery Guide: What are your thoughts?

    I purchased the pdf on day 1 (rulebook a week later) and had a copy printed half sized for table use. The print shop screwed it up, so now I have a hard copy and 2 print copies plus a pdf for the table. Printing is more expensive than purchase, unless you print yourself or booklet sized
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    Pathfinder 2E Gamemastery Guide: What are your thoughts?

    Know Direction Podcast has a page by page discussion of the book on youtube with Mark Seifter.
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    Pathfinder 2E Gamemastery Guide: What are your thoughts?

    I don't see any mass combat rules at this time, maybe when they get to ultimate combat(?) The NPC rules are open ended, use the monster creation, character creation, or compare to a stock npc in the back (almost 50 pages) I will be using this to convert many of my D&D adventures (1e mostly) to...
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    Pathfinder 2E Gamemastery Guide: What are your thoughts?

    This is definitely better than the 1e version. There are plenty of stat blocks for most common encountered npcs (covers lots of ground) The adventure design was pretty on point, covering a wide variety of types. (including military, so I assume mass combat as well) encounter, npc, hazard and...
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    Announcing the Free RPG Day 2020 Publishers!

    I have run Pathfinder or D&D the last few years at various store in the Flint area. Will probably miss this year due to events surrounding my son's graduation.
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    Pathfinder 2E A few short thoughts on play of the Absalom Initiation

    I have Dice older than most of you!! Really though, the PF2e society adventures run anywhere from "oh, that's cute!" levels of danger to "And for my next character, I'm gonna need to NOT do that" There are quite a few hard lessons hidden in this edition that will surprise experienced players.
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    Pathfinder 2E PF 2 Demo- Curiosity wins out

    The other option is the Pathfinder Society Quests they released. All are around the 1 hour mark but feature more of the ruleset: exploration, recall knowledge, some rp. There is one adventure for the 5th level pregens, #1-00 Origin of the open road. There are 1 or two more complicated combats...
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    Paizo Paizo Product Update: January

    It will be my son's cornerstone (until the APG comes out). He loves delving into the faiths and magics.