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    Old RPGA Numbers?

    RPGA numbers were merged into DCI numbers at some point perhaps a decade ago. Since then there’s been another database move but unless that broke things, I seem to recall that you can turn an RPGA number into a DCI number by making it a 9-digit number with the first digit ‘1’ and as many 0s as...
  2. pedr

    Critical Role Wildemount: Most Pre-orders Since D&D Core Rulebooks

    I’m not surprised. I expect there’ll be a significant group for whom this is the first D&D book they buy, and many others who will own this and the PHB. I think it’d probably beat a hypothetical Forgotten Realms Campaign guide, even though that would also attract people who aren’t regularly...
  3. pedr

    Nominate your MOST ANTICIPATED RPG of 2020

    Besides the already-nominated Wolves of God and Swords of the Serpentine, I played a great playtest of Dramaghul: City on the Edge of Nowhere, a Wordplay 2 game from Wordplay Games. I have no idea if it's scheduled for a 2020 release, but I'm looking forward to it whenever it emerges!
  4. pedr

    General 40 Million People Have Played D&D [UPDATED!]

    I like the release of actual sales figures for the Starter Set. 126,000 in North America in 2014 (from the July release); 306,000 in North America in 2018. I wonder what we can extrapolate from that!
  5. pedr

    DDAL How do I start doing DDAL?

    There's a Europe-focused AL Facebook group which might help you find people close by who can help you get started: https://m.facebook.com/groups/682411271850059 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    4E Changing saving throws to 4e style DC's - can someone walk me through an example?

    Players make all the rolls is one of the variants in an Unearthed Arcana article: http://dnd.wizards.com/articles/features/variant-rules You could just use the saving throw part, and leave monsters rolling to hit an AC with physical attacks, I'm sure.
  7. pedr

    3E/3.5 The DMG: A CRITICAL HIT at 93.5%!

    Publicly disagreeing with official opinion has a negative connotation? I'm pretty sure lots will disagree with that! (Besides, in this context it must mean"Publicly disagree with ... [a] set of beliefs." There can't really be an official set of beliefs (I think that definition is poorly...
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    4E What 4E books had later printings that were errata'd?

    The special edition versions of the PH, DMG, and MM incorporated the first set of released errata, but I don't know whether later printings of the standard versions did so, or included later errata.
  9. pedr

    Kickstarter The REBUILDING EN WORLD Kickstarter Project

    Looks like Silver life-members get (or can get?) a silver username, the designation 'Member', and an additional blue all-caps 'SILVER DEFENDER' link between Member and level bars: http://www.enworld.org/forum/showthread.php?340313-Lifetime-Silver-and-Settings. A Gold version of that is, I...
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    Kickstarter The REBUILDING EN WORLD Kickstarter Project

    This is how it's behaving for me too - I can't find anything except joining that group, which does nothing except change Registered User to Member. I also can't find anywhere to enter a custom user title, if I wanted one of those.
  11. pedr

    Posts since last visit?

    Is there a possibility of a plug-in to display posts made since a previous visit? It's a feature I use quite a lot on other sites. With the high traffic here, one which allowed each user to choose which sub-forums' posts to display would be even better, if such a thing is available. Thanks!
  12. pedr

    4E 4E/5E Transition issues

    The VT doesn't really do rules to a great extent. If you're playing 4e it will note 'bloodied' and have an easy selection of 4e conditions but you can easily use it for other editions of D&D - or even other games. The more pressing problem is the Character Builder. Of course it is entirely...
  13. pedr

    Living Forgotten Realms Adventures

    There've been various threads here over the years where I've explained the hoops which you used to have to jump through to get involved with various WotC organised play programmes. Fortunately, it's now become a great deal easier to access Living Forgotten Realms adventures. With some very...
  14. pedr

    4E New 4e Forglotten Realms campaign....where can we get all the Living Forgotten Realms

    You no longer need to pass a test, under any circumstances. Passing the test no longer changes your status. This was a change which happened without much fanfare, so it's taking a long time for it to become common knowledge. Here's something I wrote for the WotC forums. It's written for...
  15. pedr

    Mention vs email addresses

    Is there a way to prevent the forums from interpreting the @ sign as a mention, so that I can put an email address in a post? As there appears to be a user called 'Wizard', the WotC email addresses seem get converted to a mention, which isn't terribly useful!