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    Catchphrases for death cleric

    If you are doing a more Mexican Day of the Dead themed, try these quotes from Coco and a few other places “Seize your moment.” He’s been forgotten. When there’s no one left in the living world who remembers you, you disappear from this world. We call it the Final Death. “Our memories, they...
  2. practicalm

    Who's the best Superhero?

    Jean Grey, specifically The All New X-Men Telepath and Telekinetic
  3. practicalm

    5E Capping Hit Points

    You say your goal is to reduce HP bloat but you do so in an unfair and uneven way. You claim you want realism but decide to play one of the most unrealistic combat systems for an RPG I personally don't care what you do to damage your game but the concept of HP bloat is D&D and there are so many...
  4. practicalm

    Lovecraft Country

    I am enjoying both the lovecraft horror and the look at the racial issues of the time through a new lens. The heroes are flawed and are stumbling towards a truth that the viewer knows is going to kill them. Or maybe a fate worse than death.
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    5E Capping Hit Points

    What are you trying to solve with this cap? You mentioned teamwork but how does lowering hp increase teamwork?
  6. practicalm

    5E Earthsea Magic in D&D

    The magic system of D&D really doesn't work like the Earthsea one at all. There are better systems to try to work with. Mage: The Ascension HERO GURPS Fate
  7. practicalm

    Biggest enemy and/or battle you’ve encountered?

    In the Los Angeles conventions (Orcon, Gateway, Strategicon) in the 80s, there used to be a castle set where people could bring any character they wanted and try to make it into the castle. I didn't usually have time to participate but I don't think many characters made it to the castle doors.
  8. practicalm

    1 - 2 - 3 Sessions Games

    Paranoia Toon Ghostbusters
  9. practicalm

    5E Class choices that didn't sync well with the campaign.

    Session 0 should be to work out if your character ideas work with the adventure being run. And why everyone is adventuring together and what other hooks into the adventure characters might have.
  10. practicalm

    OOTS 1215: Present Company Included:

    Clerics are the worst. Such a great line.
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    Star Trek TNG Re-watch

    I can remember dropping TNG early. I think the criticisms by DC Fontana pushed me over the edge on that. I do remember watching the borg season finale and opener but never really got into it. DS9 was my jam and Voyager didn't keep me interested. I really wanted to like Enterprise but only...
  12. practicalm

    Highlander Rewatch

    I think the show does a good job world building. It would be interesting to run it as a campaign where a group of immortals and or mortal companions deal with the evil immortal of the week or just complications for being immortal. Or if you merged Highlander with Dresden Files and now you have...
  13. practicalm

    Why Doesn't Star Wars Hold More Mind Share in the RPG Market?

    For space games, I've preferred Traveller or GURPS over Star Wars. Partly because there just seems more room in the Traveller Imperium or in my own homebrew than in the Star Wars space.
  14. practicalm

    "Better" Combat Systems in RPGs - Feedback Welcome!

    GURPS handles each hit location with modifiers around damage that penetrates. It can take some time to die but once you are down to 1/3 HT you have to make rolls to keep going. There are locations for Face, skull, vitals, groin, torso, arms and legs, and hands and feet. Example. Neck (-5)...
  15. practicalm

    5E Unraveling the Mystery Too Quickly?

    To keep my players going, I had every villain involved and through in a few extras as well. I wanted this to be a It's a Mad Mad World race to the treasure. I played up every sob story from the two potential sympathetic villains. So many red herrings it was a fish market. Fun time was had.