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Recent content by Qik

  1. Qik

    Adventure Requests

    There was a duplicate of this thread in the old social group, and I thought it was a great idea, so I'm going to throw it up here. One of the great things about LPF (besides, of course, the sheer awesomeness of its populace) is that it establishes a context for communal character- and...
  2. Qik

    Poll: How do you feel about new PC races?

    For those of you who have not been following, the discussion in this thread has led a more general consideration of approving new races for play in LPF, which is especially relevant in light of the impending release of the Advanced Races Guide. It'd be very helpful to get better idea of...
  3. Qik

    Proposal: Wayangs

    I'd like to make a proposal to have the Wayang race (from Paizo's Dragon Empires setting) available for play in LPF. While I generally like the idea of trying avoid an over-proliferation of PC races, the Wayangs really strike me as interesting, for both their fluff and their crunch, and I think...
  4. Qik

    [LPF] Ties that Bind

    And here we are! My thanks to all of you for agreeing to play in this. It promises to be quite a fun group. Special thanks to Artur for a) asking me to help throw this party, and b) being patient while I prepared it. With that in mind: the adventure promises to be at least modestly long...
  5. Qik

    Rage Power for a 7-year-old

    Like the sign says. I'm running a game for a pair of kids I tutor (which, I might add, has been a blast), and we're about to reach level 2. The 7-year-old is running a barbarian exactly how he should be run (activate rage; hit things), and I'm trying to put together a short-list of rage powers...
  6. Qik

    Proposal: Princess Trait

    In browsing the SRD for a second trait for Mesem outside of the usual suspects, I came upon this trait: Princess (female) You have been raised to expect obedience from those around you, regardless of their station, and are not shy about demanding what you want. Benefit: You gain a +1...
  7. Qik

    [LPF] Precious Cargo

    Welcome to Precious Cargo! This is a short (but hopefully sweet) LPF adventure for 2nd and 3rd levels. I'm especially looking forward to it, as I've gamed with many of you before, and have come to appreciate you all as RPers. Hope you all enjoy it! And, of course, that you all make it out...
  8. Qik


    Hi All. I've been contemplating a synthesist/monk build. I've always liked the idea of playing a character built around natural weapons, and I find the idea of a living fighting suit to be, to put it in sophisticated terms, "super cool." So I'm becoming real taken by this idea, and was hoping...
  9. Qik

    Culling Information on the White Cloaks

    Like the sign says: it seems prudent to gather existing information on the White Cloaks, since they currently don't have their page on the wiki. I'll start off with combining my questions and what info I'm aware of thus far, and we can edit this as things get confirmed/added/etc...
  10. Qik

    Proposal: Illi Esse

    I had posted this in the Social Group a while back, mostly for purposes of show-and-tell rather than seeking an actual vote on it. I had planned to add some more locales to flesh things out a bit and illustrate my conception of the place some more, but I've been admittedly slack about doing so...
  11. Qik

    [LPF] Fury Steps In

    Here we go, @GlassEye . I'm really looking forward to this, and I hope it does a decent job of addressing some of your hopes for Fury's character. As this is a solo, I have a hard time gauging its scope, but my guess is that it lies at the shorter end of the spectrum. Depending on how...
  12. Qik

    General Discussion

    Hooray for Living Pathfinder's promotion to the status of an official living world here on EN World! It's nice to see, and well merited, in my opinion. Just wanted to say thanks to IronWolf and the others for handling the transition. Plus, I figured we'd need a general thread over here. :p
  13. Qik

    [LPF] Uncertain Whereabouts

    Welcome! 'Uncertain Whereabouts' is a short-ish adventure for four first level PCs. In addition to your standard combat encounters, there will also be several skill challenges, which hopefully will make for some good RP-ing. As I mentioned in the Dunn Wright Inn thread, this will be my...
  14. Qik

    My Path to Arcane Archer

    Hey Everybody. A while back, I had started playing on the Living Pathfinder forums here with a level 1 wizard, with the intention of working towards Arcane Archer. Initially, I had planned to take 1 level of fighter/wizard the rest of the way, until I qualified for Eldritch Knight, then...
  15. Qik

    Elements of Magic Revised Mage Advice

    Hi All. I'm about to start a game using the Elements of Magic Revised rules, which will be my first time doing so. I've been building a mage (starting level 6), who's going to use summons as his primary offense, with some evocation spells, debuffs, etc thrown in for good measure. I'm having a...