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    5E How would you wish WOTC to do Dark Sun

    Ok, THAT is pretty bad.
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    5E How would you wish WOTC to do Dark Sun

    I have been wondering lately if Warlocks aren't a better fit for replicating what 2nd edition psionics was like than the sorcerer or wizard. Reason #1. They didn't have a huge array of powers. A 1st level psionicist had access to 1 science and 3 devotions, all within the same discipline. By...
  3. Raduin711

    5E Dark Sun doesn't actually need Psionics

    My feeling is that if magic and psionics are interchangeable functionally or mechanically, it kind of ruins the dichotomy set up in the setting. If psionics can do all the things magic can do, then why bother with magic? It would be irredeemably evil. We will have lost the veiled alliance as a...
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    The Horror! of Labyrinths

    Jarreth challenges her to "solve" the labyrinth. If I solve a maze by drawing a line out of bounds to the other side, or just ignoring the intervening walls, have I solved it? Maybe you could say yes, because that's demonstrating "outside of the box" thinking. Maybe you could say no, because...
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    5E Mythological Figures: Hel

    https://pantheon.org/articles/h/hel.html The Gylfaginning is the first part of the Prose Edda, and was written in Old Norse. Based on her context as a death deity, I would assume her blue-black half is meant to be corpse-like. I wouldn't mind having a look at an annotated version of the Prose...
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    Worlds of Design: Escaping Tolkien

    I wonder sometimes how when we subvert a trope how much we really escape the thing we subvert. Like when Dragon Age presents us with elves that are treated as slaves and second-class citizens, we go "Ah, well, that's different..." but it's only really different because of Tolkien. Part of their...
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    General Low Magic vs. High; what is the difference, and are we confusing them with Low vs. High Fantasy?

    I think it depends on the scope of their magic. If these beings are using magic to turn armies into pigs and call down flaming meteors from their enchanted flying castles and ruling the land with animated suits of armor, magic is still going to be ubiquitous, it's just that only a few small...
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    5E The New D&D Book: Tasha's Cauldron of Everything!

    Still kind of hard to imagine a brontosaurus with feathers.
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    5E Need Monster hybrid ideas, please help

    Invisible Stalker + Doppelganger = It looks like an invisible version of you. Spooky.
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    General Greyhawk did what? A partial list of Greyhawk Personalities

    Of course there is St. Cuthbert, who ascended to godhood and hid his holy mace in... a museum in London, England.
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    5E It's Canon - Greyhawk's Sun rises in the South and Sets in the North (or possibly the other way around)

    Oerik. More specifically, the Flanaess, which is the eastern half of Oerik.
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    5E You Can Now Get Minis For The D&D Combat Wheelchair

    Those are some well-sculpted minis. I like them.
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    Level Up (A5E) Where to put ability bonuses during character creation

    I voted the last option, because I feel it should be split between race/species and background (excluding culture.) Race/Species bonuses should reflect physiology or nature aspects. This is going to be fairly restricted to the physical stats: Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution. Background...
  14. Raduin711

    5E Why do Armblades need Attunement?

    Armblades are a little bigger than daggers, right? Daggers are concealable but a pat-down will possibly reveal them. I am not sure how you would discover a retracted armblade.
  15. Raduin711

    You Have The Power! New Masters of the Universe RPG!

    Cortex shares a bit of DNA with games like Fate, where there is more importance on things like character relationships, player input, complications, etc.