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  1. Raith5

    6E 50th Anniversary: 6E in 2024?

    I like 5e but I think I will be ready to move on to 6e by 2024. I would like the keep the core math of 5e - with some small tweaks (especially by marking it harder for low level PCs to get to 20 AC and making some high monsters have a slightly higher AC). But I think they will need to revise...
  2. Raith5

    General Which Edition Had the Best Ranger?

    I have played a ranger in 1e, 4e and 5e (Horizon Walker). I really liked (and miss) the mobility and defensive tricks of 4e, especially Disruptive Strike and Combined Fire. I am finding the 5e Horizon Walker pretty good as well.
  3. Raith5

    5E Are components (V,S,M) and schools in spell writeups really necessary for spells anymore?

    I have never factored in costless spell components. Throwing bat guano and rubbing fur didnt seem magical to me in 1e when I was kid and doesnt now.
  4. Raith5

    General What Do You Miss Most About Face-to-Face D&D?

    I am in part of the world that has been in lock down since March and I have played more D&D during this time for decades. I think it works fine on VTT. I do miss rolling physical dice but the rest of the experience is there.
  5. Raith5

    Worlds of Design: What's in a Name?

    My Dm objected to player calling his PC "Garry" because it was to plain, so the player renamed his character Gharri'e
  6. Raith5

    Level Up (A5E) End the 5 minute work-day by making all classes work off short rests.

    Ideally I would like to see the operational nature of long/short rests working at the level of the campaign. I dont think that having different classes with different processes of long/short rests adds that much and creates complications.
  7. Raith5

    Level Up (A5E) Which Classes Need "The Most Help" in an Advanced 5E

    I like warlocks but i agree that they need some small tweaks to have an extra spell in mid to high levels and push them to consider using a cantrip other than Eldritch blast. Aside from the ranger the bard is the class that I find hardest to work. I think the spell list is thematically on point...
  8. Raith5

    Level Up (A5E) Deadlier combat

    Yeah, i agree. 5e monsters dont need more hp. I am also thinking out of turn attacks or attacks when bloodied, imposing effects. Ideally it would be things that PCs can counter with smart tactics rather than only utilising the healing option
  9. Raith5

    Level Up (A5E) Deadlier combat

    My solution would be to make monsters tougher. I dont like the idea of cutting down the influence of healers - I know people do like playing that role/style. I dont necessarily like the idea of a wound system, seems too complicated unless it is a special monster that drains life. But I think...
  10. Raith5

    General Boredom in "Zero to Hero" Campaigns

    100% agree. I love heroic play of higher level 5e and 4e but there is something special in the types of adventures you can have in lower level D&D. It is waste to a) makes these levels essentially a throwaway and b) so brief.
  11. Raith5

    5E Options past 3rd level

    For me the customization of my character is important to my enjoyment of the game and one of the main reason that D&D differs from a game like chess. While I dont see 4e level of customization as possible or desirable, a few more decision points at mid to high levels would be a good thing in...
  12. Raith5

    5E Subclass System in 5e- Too Much, Too Little, or Just Right (GOLDILOCKS POLL!)

    I voted too limiting because once you choose a subclass you dont really have too many options to customize and shape your character. You could say this is problem really with the feat system that is outshined by Stat increases and gives quite a few number of feats (and doesnt really kick unto...
  13. Raith5

    5E What To Do With Racial ASIs?

    I dont like racial ASIs - they just dramatically narrow the types of archetypes. But I like racial feats, so Id like to see more racial feat choices for each race. But I also dislike the ASI/feat tradeoff. I would like to see them unlinked and there be more feats both racial and normal -...
  14. Raith5

    General The child stealing food to survive scenario, for alignment

    I would not even think about getting involved in such a petty matter. Those undead and demons are not going to slay themselves.
  15. Raith5

    5E Does your group use inspiration? If not, why not?

    We had a bard who (continually) riffed songs and poems off his traits etc to get the DM to give inspiration. As a group we had to make choice between having bards or inspiration in future campaigns and having bards won.