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  1. Raith5

    D&D 5E New D&D WotC survey! On classes.

    I am now regretting my dark commitments
  2. Raith5

    D&D 5E What turn of phrases are specifically 5e?

    Early on there was a lot of "do I get inspiration for that?" After awhile we banned that mechanic.
  3. Raith5

    Worlds of Design: Tough Times at the Top

    I was a player and one thing that I know our DM did was throw very hard fights at us that were 4 or 5 CR higher than our level (I remember a fight with Orcus and about 6 high level demons when we were about 28th level). One other was to really string out the long rests (and reset of healing...
  4. Raith5

    Worlds of Design: Tough Times at the Top

    I didnt feel that 4e had this problem because the monsters scaled in terms of not just maths (like the the PCs) but terms of the flexibility, breadth and impact of their abilities. I played a 4e campaign to 30th level and while I think 4e had some problems, it really worked in regards to...
  5. Raith5

    D&D 5E Rank the Official 5e Adventures (Updated)

    Of the ones I have played (and my only criteria is fun) my rankings are: Descent into Avernus Rime of the Frost Maiden Ghosts of Saltmarsh Lost Mines of Phandelver Princes of the Apocalypse PotA was only one I really did not like and made no sense.
  6. Raith5

    D&D 5E House Rule Idea: Characters Gain New Backgrounds at Levels 5, 11, and 17

    I like the idea of changing bonds etc to add some evolving customization in. But I think I would prefer extra feats at those levels that stem from background and race.
  7. Raith5

    D&D 5E A City of the Gods

    It sounds like the goblins are maybe from Sydney!
  8. Raith5

    Worlds of Design: To Move or Not to a New Edition?

    I have been playing since 1e but normally move to a new edition because I am looking for a new experience and new innovations. After 5-6 years I am ready to move on. I only tend to buy the core books so I dont mind buying new books after this time and converting old adventures if need be.
  9. Raith5

    D&D 5E Thoughts on Improving Martials

    I have not teased it out myself in play or theory - and I am sure I have seen this idea expressed by others. But I think a stance is is where you have one fighting style in operation which has some advantages (and possible disadvantages) - so the tactical choice is what style is appropriate to...
  10. Raith5

    D&D 5E Thoughts on Improving Martials

    I agree with the premises of the OP but what about developing an array of combat stances? One of things I like about playing a Barbarian rather than a fighter is the choice to do reckless strike option. I think it the kind of chance choice weighty enough to keep me engaged and feel like my...
  11. Raith5

    D&D 5E D&D 5E: Ranking every published adventure, using Amazon reviews

    My personal experience correlates with this ranking so it must be true! Icewind Dale> Baldur's Gate>Ghosts of Saltmarsh>Princes of the Apocalypse (I still dont quite understand what happened in that one)
  12. Raith5

    D&D General Why does D&D still have 16th to 20th level?

    1000% agree. I killed a Demon Lord in Descent into Avernus when I rolled a 9 (and hit AC 18 I think) and I remember thinking that does not feel right. I think we were about 14th level. So I think bounded accuracy needs to be loosened a bit for higher level monsters and I really just get a sense...
  13. Raith5

    D&D 5E Do We Really Need a Lot of Gold? (D&D 5th Edition)

    As someone who has played since 1e I do find the lack of avenues in 5e to spend gold quite distracting. I think there is a good space for spending gold on potions, masterwork weapons, armour and spell foci. I also think quality mounts and pets could be an important outlet (aside from...
  14. Raith5

    D&D 6E YOU are in charge of the next PHB! What do you change?

    I think people are just spitballing because the weird WOTC survey and because thinking about this stuff is just what EN world does! Personally while I like 5e I have played it enough to a) see its problems clearly and b) be open to new options and ideas - even if that means a new edition.
  15. Raith5

    D&D 6E YOU are in charge of the next PHB! What do you change?

    In terms of some general principles I would like to see More customization options - essentially more feats and less dependence on subclasses for character development. Maker martial classes a bit more interesting. Id like to see the battlemaster significantly elaborated. I would like to see...