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  1. Ralif Redhammer

    Wonder Woman Out Dec 16th

    I can't imagine going to a theater right now, but I'll be happy to check it out on streaming. Pixar's Soul is also coming to Disney+ on the same day. One wonders if this represents the breaking of the floodgates, if we'll see Black Widow, Dune, and others released in a similar model? I think it...
  2. Ralif Redhammer

    5E My Quick and Dirty Tasha Read

    "What do ye want? I've got Octopus Salad, Fried Octopus, Grilled Octopus, Octopus Sashimi, Hamburgers, and Octopus Stew." "I'll take the hamburger!" "Just so's ye ken, it's also made with octopus."
  3. Ralif Redhammer

    5E What is the appeal of the weird fantasy races?

    I think D&D's brand of fantasy is increasingly stepping out from the shadow of Tolkien. There's a ton of fantasy with nontraditional beings as protagonists and sidekicks. As the fanbase skews younger, you're getting more videogame and anime influences in people's idea of what fantasy is. And...
  4. Ralif Redhammer

    General what's your favorite starting town?

    Waterdeep and Hommlet. Waterdeep offers such a vast tapestry of lore and adventure hooks. The Village of Hommlet is perhaps my platonic ideal of a 1e adventure and locale. It's tightly-focused, but still has mysteries that a DM can expand on.
  5. Ralif Redhammer

    Appendix N: The Eldritch Roots Of Dungeons & Dragons from Strange Attractor Press

    Just came across the announcement for this new volume. It's lavishly-illustrated collection of short stories and excerpts from classic Appendix N literature: https://boingboing.net/2020/11/10/read-the-authors-that-inspired-gary-gygax-and-the-origins-of-dd-in-appendix-n.html "Drawing upon Gary...
  6. Ralif Redhammer

    What are you reading this year 2020?

    The hyper-detailed combat descriptions definitely do tend to drag. I think the problem is that too often, their narrative influence is limited to who wins and loses. They rarely provide character, thematic, or plot development. There is little depth to them beyond the action being depicted. I...
  7. Ralif Redhammer

    5E Planescape to languish in purgatory?

    It doesn't matter - my one campaign makes heavy use of third party products and homebrew. It's not about it only being WotC content (unless I'm running or playing AL, naturally). I adore the Tome of Beasts series, for example. But the difference between that and DMs Guild is that if I buy a...
  8. Ralif Redhammer

    5E My Quick and Dirty Tasha Read

    I finished the player options and all I want now is to play a crusty dwarven Fathomless Warlock with the Chef feat. I'm really digging the new magic items. The magic tattoos are everything I could've hoped for. One thing I caught that was interesting was the part about Madame Luba, a halfling...
  9. Ralif Redhammer

    5E What is up with the popularity of watching other D&D groups play the game?

    Ambivalent about both CR and cilantro. I don't dislike either, but I won't go out of my way to put cilantro in a dish. However, I will say that fresh cilantro is way better than dried, and can really make some foods pop. Now paprika and cinnamon, those are my spices (not necessarily together).
  10. Ralif Redhammer

    Pandemic "Rage Quitting?"

    I think finding your sweet spot as far as rules light vs. heavy is important, and can be very freeing. If you're the GM and your players aren't so keen on it, talk to them about how you're feeling, and I imagine most will come along with you on the journey to something new. And right now...
  11. Ralif Redhammer

    5E What is up with the popularity of watching other D&D groups play the game?

    I'm not so sure it breaks down entirely by generation. I also remember the days of the Atari and Commodore 64. I remember being able to remove the rubber controller cover and smack my brother on the forehead with it so that it would create an imprint of concentric circles, but I digress... As I...
  12. Ralif Redhammer

    5E Planescape to languish in purgatory?

    Consider me daunted. I've really only purchased a small handful of things from DMs Guild. I know that I'm missing out on a lot. Heck, in theory I think it's an awesome concept. There's just so much out there, when I start to look at it I'm reminded of the worst glut days of 3e.
  13. Ralif Redhammer

    A Question Of Agency?

    That's fine, I'm not claiming to have any answers here. However, just because things are not exactly equivalent, does not mean one can't compare them and discuss them. One can, for example, discuss the pros and cons of travelling by train versus by plane.
  14. Ralif Redhammer

    Satanic Panic of the late 80's

    Alas, it appears that Dark Dungeons is a custom order, which means it's only available in orders of 10,000 or more. Perhaps a GoFundMe is in order... :)
  15. Ralif Redhammer

    5E Planescape to languish in purgatory?

    That would be an easy solution, to be sure. For some, including myself, I tend to avoid including DMs Guild stuff in my games. Granted, we've seen things like Ed Greenwood publishing FR stuff on DMs Guild, but on the whole there's a difference between an official release and some rando coming up...