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    5E Mama Bear's Revenge: A New One Page Adventure!

    You are basically correct. I do NOT agree with racism. The mainstream way of conceiving orcs has always been super racists towards the real life ethnicities they are used as short hand for.
  2. Ramaster

    5E Mama Bear's Revenge: A New One Page Adventure!

    They are "reformed" because the "normal" orc is a pillaging sub-human monster. This is awful. The "old school" way of conceiving RPGs is super racist. The idea of a group of talking animals attacking lumberjacks is nothing groundbreaking but quite neat, though.
  3. Ramaster

    5E Check Out WizKids' Infernal War Machine Mini

    I think that its fair to say that I'm no longer on the fence over the "Mad Max but in Hell" direction of the new storyline.
  4. Ramaster

    5E Mythological Figures: Genghis Khan (5E)

    I've checked with my buddy who is a history teacher at NYU and he told me that, in fact, Genghis Khan was a spellcaster that used Inteligence as his spellcasting score. Please, improve your research.
  5. Ramaster

    PF1E Updated ("Complete") Reincarnate Table

    Hey! I wanted to let you know that the PF srd has updated the page for Reincarnate using a suggestion I sent. I made an expanded reincarnate table that takes into consideration all 1st party races (I might be missing a few, since I made the table about a year ago). If you want, take a peek...
  6. Ramaster

    General Monster ENCyclopedia: Galeb Duhr

    Crazy comprehensive look at a monster I didn't even know existed. Glad to see you back in the proyect!
  7. Ramaster

    General Monster ENCyclopedia: Drider

    When I made my post about the driders on Icewind Dale II I was just about to play through that part, so I wanted to make sure I had it fresh on my memory (it's an old game) before giving away this information. It turns out that there is this organization called The Legion of the Chimera, which...
  8. Ramaster

    General Monster ENCyclopedia: Drider

    Awesome article, as usual! Driders also appear on Icewind Dale II, where one is forced to help a powerful drow wizard with the elimination of a creature/device called the "Viviscamera" (or something like that) that is mass producing them.
  9. Ramaster

    PF1E Armor choices for Arcane Archers (RotRL)

    Hi! I'm playing an elven archer going Arcane Archer (Weapon Master 4, currently. My DEX score is 19) on Rise of the Runelords. We have just completed the fist level of the Thisseltop dungeon (getting that 4th level) and we are ready to make our way into the deep below. Currently, I'm using...
  10. Ramaster

    [Playtest 2] Flanking, Combat Advantage and Melee Rogues

    The 3rd edition days were strange indeed. Codzillas, Batman Wizards, Shocktroopers and a certain kobold that could obliterate entire planes at lvl 1. BUT, if there was something that I really dig about 3e, was dualer rogues. Dualer rogues got to apply their sneak attack damage on each hit. What...
  11. Ramaster

    I'm going to NYC!

    Ok, so I'm going to have the chance, This september, to go to the Big Apple, New York City! In my country (Argentina), there are very little comic book shops and specialist gaming stores, so I am super exited. My request to you is, of course, to ask if you could recomend some of these places...
  12. Ramaster

    Is a fun “War Campaign” possible? Find out here!

    Is a fun “War Campaign” possible? Find out here! Hello! I may be running a War Campaign in the upcoming months and I am going to use a method for resolving the conflict similar to Mass Effect 3. For those who weren't lucky enough to play this great game, basically you accumulate "War Assets"...
  13. Ramaster

    A Xenomorph for your toughts

    Hey everyone! I'm trying to stat a Xenomorph (From the Alien Movies) for an upcoming encounter and I've come across some challenges. First of all... would you say they are Medium or Large? Second, as movie monsters, they are REALLY stealthy... should a +8 racial be enough (Plus max ranks...
  14. Ramaster

    4E Things wrong with 4e: Dragons

    Actually I haven't! I stopped buying 4e after MM3 (not because it don't like the game, I just started playing Pathfinder more often). But, in light of this new discovery, Monter vault might be worth a look! The fact that I have to BUY it to know how the monsters are built annoys me... why...
  15. Ramaster

    4E Things wrong with 4e: Dragons

    When you said: Things wrong with 4e: Dragons I thought you were going to talk about PCs Stun-locking them, or that they suffer from action economy related issues (like most Solo Monsters). Those, in my opinion, are the Things wrong with 4e Dragons. Disclamer: I actualy like the design of 4e...