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    Level Up [+] What features should a "Advanced 5E" have?

    At this point, I don't have any concrete suggestions. I would look for something between 4e and 5e. 4e is my favorite edition but it could have used a good cleanup and some rule refinement. As I'm playing 5e more and more, I do appreciate its attempts to simplify and streamline, but it lost some...
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    Level Up What is Level Up?

    I am cautiously excited about this. Took the survey and signed up for updates, so looking forward to see what develops!
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    NZ Virtual Tour.

    One of the things I’m considering for my bucket list is some sort of LotR/Hobbit tours. I’d like to get your (local) take on that. Worth it?
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    How do you feel about learning new rule systems?

    Haven't read the whole thread. But to answer your question, yes, I would be less likely to try a new game if it's an unfamiliar system. It's not a critical factor - I've gotten into a few new systems the past 12 months, but it is certainly a key factor before I buy something. Like others, I'm...
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    5E WotC Announces An Impending Announcement: New Setting, Storyline

    Well, I'm glad to see the love for Dark Sun. I'd rather wait and have them "get it right", and that definitely includes psionics! And cannibal halflings ;)!
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    5E Darksun player backgrounds

    I played Dark Sun in 2e and ran a campaign in 4e. Because 4e had different power sources, I highlighted the differences between those, much to the enjoyment of the players. Everyone had some psionic ability, even if minor (and this was reflected in the mechanics). So, this attracted no...
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    5E WotC Announces An Impending Announcement: New Setting, Storyline

    Wait, what? Is it Dark Sun? The tweet seems to say the opposite?
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    Motherland Fort Salem - anyone seen it on Freeform?

    I'm watching this on Hulu, and I'm almost done (last or second-to-last episode). It's an excellent series and well worth watching! It's a show I'd think gamers like us would just gobble up. You mentioned a few things about its world-building, which to me has been its major draw. There's so many...
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    General Hey, are we all cool with having to buy the same book twice, or what?

    I much prefer a physical copy for games I anticipate I will actually run/play but only get pdfs for more casual games. I do consider when purchasing a game whether there is a pdf/hard-copy bundle. But that was pre-COVID when I was not even remotely interested in online gaming. Now? I will be...
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    Best edition of Gamma world?

    My ideal GW was 7e (with house rules) combined with the lore and "old school feel" of 2e and 4e. I ran it serious, but (obviously) not realistic. 7e is the one based on simplified 4e D&D rules. Like a few others, I dropped rotating Alpha Mutations and house ruled Omega Tech so they were less...
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    4E Am I crazy? I've just gotten a hankering to play 4e again...

    I think I found it here. Haven't read it all yet, but thanks! Also, didn't have a chance to say it in the other thread, but your write ups of your 4e campaign was one of the examples of how the fans seemed to "get" 4e better than the designers ever did. Alas, my Dark Sun campaign ended early...
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    4E Am I crazy? I've just gotten a hankering to play 4e again...

    Never played one (I DM'd more often) but I remember a game where the warden and warlord were the only ones who were conscious in an especially brutal battle (as I focused mainly on set piece battles with big encounter budgets). The warlord retreated to start reviving the others one-by-one...
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    4E Am I crazy? I've just gotten a hankering to play 4e again...

    Just wanted to drop in and show support for 4e. These crazy times seem ideal for 4e, I would think, especially using a VTT. My project right now is developing a hexcrawl. I always thought 4e would be great for this b/c I found the encounter budget worked well as an indicator of challenge (with...
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    Besides D&D, what are you playing?

    Numerous recommendations drove me to check out Ironsworn. I was looking for something fairly simple that could be run over Zoom for 2 players and this fit the bill perfectly. Went so far and got Delve on drivethrurpg. I created the World, made the two characters with the players and am now...
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    VTT Spotlight: D20PRO

    So I just joined d20PRO due to the sale that's going on (until 4/30/20 I believe) and its support for d20 rule sets (including 4e D&D to a slight degree). This is my first VTT and I'll be honest, it's a lot more technical than I had anticipated. I've read the basic guides but I need to dive in...