I used to play Pen and Paper RPG's from the early 80s ass a wee lad, up to around the mid 90s. I never got it out of my system though, and would buy games just to imagine playing in those worlds.

My tastes in RPG's in the past were for more obscure games and settings. I used to play:
- Top Secret
- Justice Inc
- AD&D
- Middle Earth Role Playing
- Ars Magica
- Twillight 2000
- Champions
- Phoenix Command (Vietnam setting)
- Living Steel
- Traveller (1st ed and Mega)
- Chill
- Call of Cthulhu (1st - 3rd)
- Shadowrun 1st ed
- Car Wars

Just to name what I remembered.

I am a software engineer now, and have been itching to create a computer assisted PPRPG. I am definitely in the old-school crunchy camp. Narrative is all fine and good, and I can appreciate games like FATE or Burning Wheel, but I also enjoy some tactical detail in my games.


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