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  1. Rhydius

    Proposal: Silversheen (Special Material)

    I'm proposing the inclusion of Silversheen (described here) as a special material. In part because I've already rolled for a weapon with it in the Mystic Pearl (got ahead of myself there), but I chose it essentially because it stands out as an alchemical equivalent to stainless-steel.
  2. Rhydius

    [LPF] Warehouse Sitting

    DM: Rhydius Judge: Start Date: 6/21/2012 End Date: Players: Zhen Yu (Korsakovia) Encounter XP: 200; Encounter GP: 0 level x - date (0 starting xp + x encounter xp + x time xp =x xp) level xtime gp = x gp total time xp = x; total time gp = x total xp = x; total gp = x Orion Drake...