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I'm Riley. I live in California, USA, near San Francisco. I first played TRPG with AD&D in the 1980s. I've tried The Fantasy Trip, GURPs, Hero System, Shadowrun, World of Darkness, and a few others. I prefer point-based, skill-based systems, rather than classes and levels; but class/level can work fine. Game systems are tools, to be used well or poorly. The user's skill matters more than the tool's quality.
Currently, I'm in a D&D 5E group, which has gathered via a DM running Adventurer's League games at a local store, and drop-in players. We're having fun, and the rules aren't cumbersome; deciding what a character does, and resolving whether they succeed, has, for the most part, happened relatively quickly.
I also enjoy board games from chess to Settlers to to OGRE to Snit's Revenge, and the MMO "Kingdom of Loathing."