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    TSR TSR’s Brian Blume Has Passed

    RIP Chief. Thanks for starting this crazy hobby, I am forever grateful.
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    PF2E Pathfinder Beginner Box in November

    I'd get it for the pawns and the adventures alone. Maybe I can convince my 5e group to give it a trial run with this. (But not likely.)
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    Best adventure for first time DM

    I would also recommend Ghosts of Saltmarsh. It goes from Level 1-12. Each adventure can stand by itself but three are actually part of a series (Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh, Danger at Dunwater & the Final Enemy) and the rest are tied together pretty well. It comes with a detailed town and a...
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    5E Have you actually read the 5e DMG?

    I read only what I needed at a given time but since its release I've probably read the whole thing, just not cover to cover. (Sans the Magic Item descriptions) I like the world building stuff, though if you are experienced in this or already have a world it isn't that useful. Adventure creation...
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    Roleplaying in the time of corona: Tips for doing it online?

    If you don't use battlemaps or dice rollers something like Roll20 isn't going to be super useful to you. My suggestion would be to pick your favorite video-chat software and make a conference call. I've used Discord and Google Hangouts in the past. I like Discord because if you want to link an...
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    5E Goodman Games is Reincarnating Castle Amber

    Sweet! I was just planning on running this in an upcoming B/X Campaign.
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    The One Ring/Adventures in Middle-earth License Goes to Free League

    Hoh boy, that's a lot of stuff I like to hear. Time will tell I suppose!
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    The One Ring/Adventures in Middle-earth License Goes to Free League

    Awesome! I'm so glad to see this is continuing. Now what I'm curious about is what about the progress C7 already made? Are they going to sell those art assets and already written manuscripts to Free League? Are they part of the license? Or do they have to start from scratch? Considering the...
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    Playing Nicely In The Sandbox

    I believe that was the intention in changing things up for 4e. By that time there was already a large glut of material and many people found it intimidating to get into the setting. The idea was with the reset you could ignore the history and start fresh. I don't really think it worked though as...
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    Playing Nicely In The Sandbox

    I love the bit about player's hating change. It is why Campaign Settings with a meta-plot are so often poorly received by players. I think its a great reason why 4e Forgotten Realms was so contentious. Sure as a DM you could ignore the Spellplague but I think as much as gamers hate change they...
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    DM question: how much do you incorporate PC backgrounds into the campaign?

    Yeah, I'm not likely to ignore or turn away a large backstory. If you made the effort I'm going to at least give it a look, but my preference for shorter more usable backstories still stands. That also tends to agree with what you say about first level. Not much adventuring you can do before 1st...
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    DM question: how much do you incorporate PC backgrounds into the campaign?

    I like to incorporate them, but only slightly. This is also because I like a short background. My goal is not to make the character's personal history the source of the adventure, but to make those character feel like a part of the world and not someone removed. Featuring NPCs, Factions or...
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    Which Is Better: Regular or Alternate Cover Art For Theros?

    As for which book I would rather own, I think I prefer the original cover. The Alternate Artwork looks very cool, but I don't like the way the title and text on it looks (on WotC site.) It would make an awesome poster though.
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    What's your brand of Basic?

    I adore Old School Essentials (which is essentially the B/X rules) but I wouldn't use B/X because OSE is just so much more cleaned up. However while I haven't played it I'm also interested in BECMI since it is largely compatible with B/X but has the Companion, Master and Iimmortals sets as well...
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    World Reveal of Baldur's Gate 3

    Am I the only one who prefers turn-based combat? I love Pathfinder Kingmaker (haven't played Pillars yet, but I own it and its on my list) but man the combat irritates me sometimes. I loved Divinity Original Sin 1 & 2. If this was just those games with a D&D paint-job I would be happy. But its...