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    How to Make a Fantasy Sandbox PDF

    With help from Patrick Walsh I uploaded a PDF collecting all the published How to Make a Fantasy Sandbox Articles. http://www.ibiblio.org/mscorbit/sandbox/Make%20a%20Fantasy%20Sandbox_111005.pdf
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    Emirikol the Chaotic was fleeing in Rhodes

    Most of you know this iconic drawing by Trampier in the 1st edition Dungeon Masters Guide Thanks to a comment by pseckler13 I learned that the city scape behind Emirikol is actually a real place the Street of knights in Rhodes. Inspired by this I fired up Google Earth I did a little...
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    Points of Light Killed the Campaign Setting...

    I am trying to solve the problem with a new Goodman Games product called Points of Light. One of the reason Joseph Goodman went for is how I presented Points of Light and how it can be continued indefinitely if he chooses to make into a line of products...
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    What is GURPS?

    Historically shields broke a lot. With the players experiencing this do they consider this fun at all? I like to pour on the realism but I will pull back if the rule is overaly picky.
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    In contrast to the GSL, Ryan Dancey on OGL/D20 in WotC archives

    Perhaps, but then you point out part of Apache's value is allowing other projects to run well with the server at the core. DMs and players can use more options for settings, cities, adventures, sites, encounters, and monsters. More so the rule projects could enable games with in a game to...
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    Goodman Games Releasing 4e Adventures Prior to October 1st

    I hope you will find Points of Light useful. It is four lands about 125 miles by 100 miles designed to drop into your campaign. All four are presented as numbered hex maps with locales key to a hex along with a listing of geographical Rob Conley co-Author Points of Light
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    GSL & SRD -- Comments, Questions, and Hopes

    Too bad that it wouldn't be cost effective just to strip all the OGL stuff out from the Wilderlands and do a pdf re-release. The rules section of the players guide would be hosed but the Wilderlands itself is nearly systemless (or edition neutral D&D) as anything can be. Since it is really a...
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    Goodman Games Open Call

    Joseph Goodman and his company are a great bunch of people to work with. Sure there are glitches but things are handled professionally and in a forthright manner. Rob Conley
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    GSL - Devils and Demons?

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    4e D&D GSL Live

    You forget about the derivative works portions of copyright law. Even if you avoid using the trademarks of Conan and Hyborian on your product's cover; the law restricts your ability to combine the elements of the original work into a new product that uses Conan, Hyboria, Turan, Shem, Stygia...
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    GSL - Devils and Demons?

    The short answer is that you will need to create your own Devils and Demons. But there is a worse implication. The license intent is that you don't redefine any of the licensed terms. So what is a Demon defined as? If you look at page 52 you will see there are a couple of paragraph before any...
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    4e D&D GSL Live

    The interesting thing that for a product that is completely OGL (and there are only a few) that the original company couldn't publish the product after conversion but a third party could. Because license grants the right to copy the OGL portions. So all new art will be needed but certain books...
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    D&D 4E 4E combat illustrated

    The defense against most spells is not AC rather fort, reflex or will.
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    New GSL Announcement

    You are right. In the past 90% of people buying computers are not aware of the Linux vs MS issue either. But slowly Linux is gaining ground as MS keeps shooting themselves in the foot. It is how MS beat IBM back in the early 90's as well. And both process are long and drawn out. In short, the...
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    New GSL Announcement

    The problem is that in many ways the gaming industry community parallels that of the software industry. Community attitudes are similar as well. In both industries there is a core API (application programming interface) the dominates the entire industry; Windows and D&D. It would be possible...