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Recent content by robus

  1. robus

    D&D General Do you care about lore?

    The main thing I hate about FR (beside it being a Disneyworld-esque setting) is just the massive amount of lore about it. To my mind it just bogs the whole thing down and for players I can’t imagine having another adventure in such a well-trammeled place. Give me the wide-open vistas of an...
  2. robus

    D&D General What DM-skills are you bad at?

    If your players are happy then you’re doing a good job. Plenty of players want a fun ride. My table certainly did.
  3. robus

    D&D General What DM-skills are you bad at?

    Not setting the scene/describing monsters well. I found I would race to the action a bit too quick. I’m trying to slow down and paint a clearer picture.
  4. robus

    D&D General Character Classes should Mean Something in the Setting

    100% Job #1 for a DM interested in a cohesive setting is deciding which classes and races fit. Players are presented with that menu of choices from which to create a character. For example, if I ever get to run a campaign in Barovia or Innistrad the only playable race will be human and there...
  5. robus

    D&D 5E Which MTG Setting would you want as an official D&D Setting?

    My feelings exactl. FR should really be called the Remembered Realms, because my god it’s been well trampled!
  6. robus

    D&D 5E How would you improve Dragon+, WotC's Online Magazine?

    I hate the app format (and I’m an app developer!), navigation is abysmal. Just give me a damn PDF and let me read in peace. (oh and include some content worth my time :P )
  7. robus

    D&D 5E Treating characters in the game as being part of a LitRPG novel/anime

    I had an utterly mad idea for a campaign that nested 3 games in an attempt to pull off something like Ready Player One. Players would have a real world character, an Oasis character and a D&D character. The premise was that it was the 100th anniversary of D&D and teams are competing in a...
  8. robus

    D&D 5E New 5e character sheet - back from the dead and making sheets again

    Passive intimidation?! Conditions and exhaustion levels would be better suited to the first page instead of the ideals, bonds, flaws IMHO. And spells should highlight if they require concentration (and, perhaps, precious components).
  9. robus

    D&D General Things That Bug You

    What bugs me is the adventures don’t state the intended challenge of encounters in the published adventures. Was it supposed to easy, medium, hard or deadly? Most of the time it seems like they didn’t actually know, doubling the annoyance.
  10. robus

    D&D General The adventure game vs the role-playing game

    My apologies then, I interpreted incorrectly.
  11. robus

    D&D General The adventure game vs the role-playing game

    Whatever I guess, the point is you were dismissing the rest of the time as just the players talking to each other (a lot), when what is really going on is exploration of the world and story. There is more to the game than combat.
  12. robus

    Critical Role First Critical Role Novel Announced

    I hope it works, I’ve found the comic books to be disappointing and the characters 2-dimensional and pretty charmless. Scanlan is particularly poorly realized IMHO.
  13. robus

    D&D General The adventure game vs the role-playing game

    I’ll push back on that a bit. I think CR actually balances all three pillars very well. I’d say 30% is exploration, Matt really gives them a lot of mysteries and environments to interact with. 30% is the players interacting and engaging with their characters (and NPCs) and 30% is combat.
  14. robus

    D&D General What's your Campaign Success Rate?

    I’ve been lucky enough to finish all the campaigns I’ve started (so 3 total) though 2 were much shorter, but still tidy.
  15. robus

    D&D General Woo-Hoo! Heading back to playing D&D in person soon! (for the first time since February 2020)!

    Looking forward to in-person starting soon, but sadly my two previous groups have scattered to the four winds. I’ll be looking to recruit some new players, probably in the fall once the summer travel season is over (and everyone is going to be traveling this summer, within the USA at least).