I am a DM who tries to foster deep immersion over pure mechanical power, and prefers to play with groups that lean that way. I have nothing against other styles, I just know what I need to have fun.

I like to create settings with strong themes with mechanical elements that engage those themes. Each setting is different- one might a be high magic world of Wonders, while another might be a low magic, stone age setting. Regardless of everything else, I like to make sure my settings have a strong hook.

I wrote the Morningstar Campaign Setting for D&D 3.5, which was one of the semi-finalists in the WotC Setting Search.

I also wrote the Complete Guide to Fey. Both books were published by Goodman Games.

I'm rebooting Morningstar as Morningstar: Age of Majesty for D&D 5th edition. Many things will change from the first version, hopefully for the better. It will be available for free at (see the link in my profile). If there is enough demand, I'll go to print with it.

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