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    Check Out The First Dune RPG Art Preview

    Oh, I wholeheartedly agree with that. Paul does a big job attempting to escape the programmed destiny (ref. the ending of the second book). What I would like to say, is that Paul is intended to play his role. To become a part of larger scheme. And he (and Alia) appear too soon according to...
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    Check Out The First Dune RPG Art Preview

    Is he now? One of most important points of the series is that Paul refuses to accept his role in the myth. Secondly, Paul is intended to become a controllable product of eugenics. Thinking that for some reason his lineage was strictly white is quite a leap. Three, Paul is not an outsider to...
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    PF2E Wanting to Change the AP We Started - Advice?

    Change the system to less intensive one. Theatre of mind instead of maps. I am currently running City of Mist while prepping WhiteHack with 13th Age mods.
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    medieval architecture in tropical climates

    May I humbly point you toward India and Myanmar/Burma? An intricate culture with highly urbanized centers. For a high quality rpg supplement, have a look at Yoon-Suin (Yoon-Suin, the Purple Land — Noisms Games). It's a port city, by the way.
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    Warhammer: Age of Sigmar: Soulbound: Starter Set PDF Coming Monday

    I love the nod to the original Wfrp handbook cover. The system appears to be neat, and offers an alternative to d20 zero-to-hero (the game protagonists are fantasy superheroes and the power growth is more horizontal). The art looks great and meshes well with the layout. I'll buy the book once...
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    3E/3.5 Andrew Finch’s Monsters by Level

    Let me commemorate this entry with 13th Age Orc Warrior (courtesy of 13th Age SRD): Orc Warrior Normal 1st level Troop Humanoid Initiative: +3 Jagged sword +6 vs. AC—6 damage Dangerous: The crit range of attacks by orcs expands by 3 unless they are staggered. AC PD MD HP 16 14 10 30...
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    Suicide Squad in SWADE?

    Random. The premise of the Suicide Squad is that they are mismatched, and the boss is a toxic hindrance rather than an enabler. Also, most of the Suicide Squad members are one-trick ponies with severe liabilities. For example, something like this: Special: Death Clock (works like an Apocalypse...
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    Do you prefer your character to be connected or unconnected to the adventure hook?

    Note that creating relatives only for them to be killed may be quite unkind to emotionally invested player. Even an adventure prologue (ie. an initial setup) could be nasty (especially if it hits vulnerable members of the family). The recommendation would be to hold an auction of sorts, during...
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    RPG Crowdfunding News – Twilight: 2000, Wanderhome, Trilemma Adventures, and more

    Would you be so kind and take a bit of your time to read the link below (quoted from the original article)? This will save everyone's time and hopefully keep thrill seekers from needless comments. NOTE: For those concerned about covering this IndieGoGo campaign from a subsidiary of Frog God...
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    Green Ronin's Sword Chronicle Now Available

    Sounds very interesting. I dislike GoT, and yet I still long for a well made system for urban/court intrigue.
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    Worlds of Design: The Lost Art of Running Away

    Flee option for me is a part of social contract that grants me (the GM) the power. This means that parlays, retreats or captivity are almost always on the table. In return the PCs are expected not to be murder hobos. Murder hobos, rabid dogs and other, irredeemable creatures are not...
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    General The Hall of Suck: Worst Classes in D&D History (Spoiler Alert: Nothing from 5e)

    Can anyone review modern OSR clones or implementations with regards to Monks, Fighters, Thieves and Paladins? I'm particularly interested in Black Hack, Swords and Wizardry and Lords & Labyrinths versions.
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    Best Weird Fiction & Cosmic/Eldritch Horror (without H.P.) ?

    Try Silent Legions by Sine Nomine Publishing. This rpg gem contains a guide for creating your own mythos.
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    Cheap, simple overland mapping software

    HexKit https://cone.itch.io/hex-kit Pros: cheap, easy to use, comes with tile sets, allows to add new tiles Cons: license prohibits use of included tiles in published works
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    Congratulations to the 2020 ENnies Winners!

    In that case this is a golden opportunity for you to broaden your perspective, and also to share something of your likes for this year. Note: I already own most of the stuff on this year's list.