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Recent content by Rukaiko

  1. Rukaiko

    ZEITGEIST Crafting the Zeitgeist Solar System

    Thank you, I did't know there was an inspiration to our planets. I'm happy I'm not missing anything super complicated, we can just craft an "ordinary" solar system then.
  2. Rukaiko

    ZEITGEIST Crafting the Zeitgeist Solar System

    That's a super useful starting point, thank you! I totally missed this map.
  3. Rukaiko

    ZEITGEIST Crafting the Zeitgeist Solar System

    Hi again everybody! I'm almost done with the translation of the player book for my party and my girlfriend offered me to put something like this before we bind everything and I'm really excited about it! It would be a nice final touch. I think it would be really cool to add the Zeit "solar...
  4. Rukaiko

    ZEITGEIST Making a new Theme: Archaeologist

    Sorry, I forgot to mention we are in 5e. And yea, I have to pay attention to not make it redundant with the skyseer. That feature is really cool Ranger! It could be easily part of a feat, I just need to find something useful in combat for an archeologist... I'm tempted to make everything...
  5. Rukaiko

    ZEITGEIST Making a new Theme: Archaeologist

    Hi everybody! One of my players expressed a lot of interest in the archaeologist part of the game and wanted to play one (or that at least worked with them in the past). Since he is not really interested in the themes I thought that the will of knowing more about the ancient lore of the world...
  6. Rukaiko

    ZEITGEIST Gunslinger with firearm rules

    Hi everybody, first post here! I was reading the rules for the firearms in the adventure (5e) and I wondered if there was someone who merged them with the Matt Mercer subclass "Gunslinger". I have a player who would love to play that class, but I also want to use all the amazing firearms that...
  7. Rukaiko

    ZEITGEIST Italian ZEITGEIST boxed set!

    I come from the future! Google just showed me this post, I hope resurrectiing this post is not considered spam. Any news for a expectant and interested italian fan?